With CRM, How Can You Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaign?


It’s no secret that out of all marketing strategies, email marketing is a powerful resource to target new customers and maintain current relationships. From exciting deals to new arrivals, emails help organizations reach out to their desired prospects. 


Although businesses take advantage of this opportunity, many still need to obtain the right results. That’s quite obvious because a simple push button message will only sometimes get you the desired results. You must explore some options and strategize effective planning to make your email campaigns more successful.


However, tools like application integration play an essential role in executing your email campaigns. CRM is one such aspect that can help you build a tailored and targeted email marketing campaign. 


So if you’ve already been doing email marketing and storing data in a CRM, bring the two together to maximize your campaigns. When both tools are used together, they leverage your email operations to the next level. Read on to know how CRMs can enhance your email marketing campaigns; Here are the reasons why CRM should be incorporated into your email marketing tactics:


  1. Gain valuable insights into customer purchase history

CRM gathers valuable information and reveals customers’ purchasing history or response to past activities, which may provide clues about their needs and what prompts them to buy. By incorporating such data into your email marketing campaigns, you can better personalize your content based on your users’ behavior. Additionally, keeping an eye on your users’ purchasing patterns will help you stay on top of market trends, which sets you up to launch a successful email campaign.


  1. Develop a customer persona

CRM helps you identify the leads that are most suitable for your company. This can further help your marketing teams build a useful buyer persona for your upcoming email marketing strategy.


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  1. Target and segment a particular audience group


CRMs are a goldmine of data. This software displays precise information about every customer interacting with your business. For example, it informs you when a customer visits your site or fills their basket but does not make purchases. Such results can help you segment your audience into different groups.


By segmenting your audience, you can target various groups with different messages and offers. Such targeted messages are more likely to meet with a positive response than if you send a uniform message to everyone on your mailing list.


  1. Create a qualified email list


CRM with lead-scoring capabilities that can show you which leads are most likely to turn into potential customers allows you to preserve interested subscribers on your list and stop wasting your time engaging with uninterested ones. Additionally, doing so can assist you in maintaining a list of qualified email subscribers, ensuring a high deliverability rate.


  1. Measure the metrics


If you’re using CRM to improve your email marketing campaigns, you might continue using it to track the success of those campaigns. The CRM system offers quite useful analytics. With tools like CRM, you can review important KPIs such as open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, and unsubscribes that can help you understand what went well and what you can do better the next time.


  1. Follow-up and send automated emails


How do you know that the marketing emails you send to your leads are opened and read? CRM software can notify you when your leads perform a specific action in your email. With such alerts, you can regularly follow up on your leads. 


In addition, CRM software makes it easier for your team to automate email administrative duties. In other words, you can set up an email automation process using pre-written templates and ensure that your messages are delivered to your customers at the right time. 


When using CRM solutions for email marketing, you can deploy a considerable amount of emails at once, which saves you time and helps you focus on your email marketing plan.


It may take you all day and night to track customers’ activity, segment subscriber lists, design campaigns, and create automation workflows, which can be overwhelming and cause you to lose energy. However, you no longer need to do that, as CRM can help you battle such mundane tasks and provide you with all the required data to boost your email marketing campaigns.


So, integrate email marketing with CRM, “the central hub of customer data,” and steer your potential customers towards a point of purchase.



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