Why Small Businesses Need Blogs For Lead Generation

importance of blogs for lead generation


One of any company’s top priorities is to generate leads. More leads result in more business, which boosts earnings. Although there are other ways to boost small company leads, blogging is a realistic strategy with a number of advantages. These days, every website has a blog section. It’s a trend! It’s always important to follow the latest trends to do better with your small business.


Additionally, there are a number of reasons why companies spend time and energy producing quality blog material. According to Hubspot, business blogging is a marketing technique that strengthens your company’s internet visibility through blogging. A company blog is a marketing tool that helps business growth, much as social media, direct mail, email marketing, etc (source).


In order to better assist you in understanding how blogs might create leads for small businesses, we will concentrate on the reasons in this post.


How to Create Blog Content that Helps Generate Leads


Having a blog page on your company’s website is crucial and significant in the digital world, regardless of whether you own a tiny e-commerce shop, a digital marketing agency, or any other type of organization. Below are some crucial reasons that support why you should prioritize blogging.


#1 It draws targeted traffic to your website


It’s likely that you don’t regularly update the pages of your website. So what do you do? Blog posting is the remedy!


Every time you produce and publish a blog post, your likelihood of showing up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and attracting traffic to your website through organic searches increases. But until your brand is among the biggest in the world, you will continue to be less noticed. Additionally, blogging efficiently increases traffic to your website because there are only so many times you can market it on other digital channels.


According to blogging statistics, websites with blogs have 434 more indexed pages than those without blogs. It indicates that more clients become aware of your business, its goods, and services and select it over rivals. (source)


#2 It supports your SEO efforts


One of the best things you can do to support SEO efforts is to blog so that search engines can index more pages in their results, which is why they prefer new and original content. For this reason, content development is cited by 72% of online marketers as their most successful SEO strategy. (source)


Now, let’s move forward with another crucial aspect of search engine optimization, backlink building, regarded as the third most important element by many professionals and small business owners. When your website gains high-quality backlinks or inbound links through blog posts, search engines consider it a valid and significant website to its visitors. As a result, the website’s domain authority gets higher.


Statistics show that leads gained through inbound links have a higher close rate (14.6%) when compared to outbound leads (source). Consequently, having blogs for your small business is also a good idea for the following reasons.


#3 It provides reasons for website visitors to become leads


Now that some users are coming to your site via your blog, you have the opportunity to convert website traffic into leads. It is a great lead generation technique because blogging provides readers with valuable content, which encourages them to convert more frequently into leads. Studies show that firms who blog develop their leads at a rate that is 126% greater than those that don’t (source).


However, you must also carefully include powerful call-to-actions (CTAs) throughout your blog if you want to increase lead generation.


 You could Inform them to subscribe to your email newsletter to receive other informative stuff in their inbox.


  • Encourage them to sign up for your email newsletter so they may receive further educational materials in their inbox.
  • Include CTAs in pertinent blog posts that highlight how your goods or services may satisfy their demands.
  • Use CTAs for free trials on the blog pages.

#4 It helps achieve long-lasting results at a minimal cost


In generating small business leads, you must focus on gaining more and less. You need a blog page on your website to assist you in this circumstance. If you or a member of your team can produce interesting and unique content, blogging won’t break the bank. Fundamentally, it has long-lasting impacts. With only one successful blog article, you may generate results (traffic and leads) for months or even years.


If you consistently create educational content for your target audience, they’ll learn to see you as an authority in your subject.


#5 It generates leads by understanding your audience


Blogs enable customers to communicate with the companies they buy from. When you start a blog, you can talk about subjects that intrigue your readers and invite them to post comments. For instance, a how-to or FAQ blog might assist in discussing their concerns and the answers your company provides. Sometimes, even before they are interested in buying anything from you, they’re far more likely to enter the sales funnel believing the information you have included in your article.


While prospecting, your sales reps can also benefit from such blog entries. In comparison to if a sales professional had to create the assets from scratch, the sales process is sped up because the articles discuss your audience’s preferences.


#6 It projects a professional image


Companies that generate blogs can exhibit their expertise in their niche, effectively changing from passive observers to active players. Additionally, blogging enables them to inform clients by discussing their products and services, increasing sales by projecting a professional and approachable image to their clients.


Similarly, small businesses must express their personalities and expert views through their blog posts to uphold professionalism. The blog is the voice of your website. So, you should nurture it carefully.


Before wrapping up, You should remember that 81% of customers strongly believe blogs are a trusted source of information (source). So, if you are still behind in using blog entries to generate small business leads, remember that it’s not too late to own this trend.


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