Why Should You Not Send More Than 50 Emails Per Day?

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When emailing your customers, finding the right balance between sending too many and not enough emails is crucial. Your open and click-through rates may be harmed if you send more than 50 emails every day.


This blog post will discuss why sending too many emails is bad practise and how to make your email marketing efforts as successful as possible.


Reasons to Use Email Marketing Campaigns


With over 4 billion email users globally, an email campaign is the best way to reach customers [source]. Additionally, it is an effective medium that facilitates easier accessibility and usefulness of client-company communication.


The reasons don’t stop just here,

  • Each email helps predict all possible pain points that users face on their brands and help eliminate them.
  • With the use of emails, you may gather more essential data from subscribers to create personalised offers, group them, and give them content that will appeal to them more.

By delivering accurate information about your items that your customers value and the issues they encounter, these campaigns aid in the expansion of your firm. On knowing the above benefits of email marketing campaigns, you may start sending many emails, anxious to cover more subscribers in a short duration. But before you proceed, there is a big NO sign board!  Let’s see why.


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Why No More Than 50 Emails Per Day?


To guarantee the success of your email marketing, some rules must be followed. Under such strategies, the email count you send daily plays a vital role.


Your emails will essentially end up in the spam folder if you use an emailing tool to send thousands of emails every day, which will further result in getting blocked. Additionally, even if you adhere to the correct email marketing best practises, you still face a huge challenge: getting recipients to open and respond to your emails.


For this reason, it is generally advisable to start out sending a low volume of emails each day, roughly 10 to 20 and then progressively increase it based on reputation and deliverability.


The list of additional factors and recommendations for a successful email marketing is provided below.


1. Increase your sender score


One of the biggest challenges every email campaign encounters is getting past the spam filter. You need to have a solid sender reputation or score in order to overcome this.


Your email’s credit is determined by the sender score, which is based on past bounce rates, email open rates, and daily email traffic. Your sender score could be harmed if you send thousands of emails during the first week of your campaigns.


Therefore, be sure to warm up your emails gradually so that the sender’s reputation might grow.


2. Pass-through spam filters


You could still get caught in a spam filter even when you have a great sender score. You’re unfamiliar with communication history, which is primarily to blame. Therefore, the receiver of your email will be determined by this filter. Your emails need to address a few important issues.

  • Verify that your email contains no questionable attachments.
  • Avoid using SPAM trigger phrases that are irrelevant or over promising.
  • Make sure you don’t use too many links in your content.         

3. Increasing sending limit


Every Email Service Provider(ESP) has its daily limit for sending emails. It is vital to note that your email does not get suspended or blocked due to an override. So, ensure that you always hold a low daily limit of 5-10 emails per day, continuing for a week or so.


Further, make a gradual increase in the number of emails by closely monitoring the deliverability, which has a check on the open rate. Aim for at least 50-80% of emails to get opened to increase the number per day.


4. Recycling your list


Last but not least, maintaining your hard-built reputation is essential. Ensure that you keep recycling your email campaign list now and then For instance, it is preferable to remove a subscriber from the list rather than sending more emails and lowering your open rates if they have not opened three of your communications in a row.


By doing this, you will finally have recipients who are actively engaged and will prudently use your email bandwidth allowance, retaining a higher sender score.



In this campaign, every email counts, so keep that in mind as well. So, to make your business grow, note the above points for using your bandwidth in this campaign effectively to build a good relationship with your prospects for a long time.


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