Why Should Small Sales Teams Focus On Generating Meetings And Not Leads?

Every business has a strong appetite to fill its sales pipeline with plenty of leads, which is acceptable. Because without leads, there won’t be sales and, consequently, no revenue. However, when generating leads, many challenges bind together, making your path to closing deals much more challenging.


Did you know that 68% of B2B businesses struggle with lead generation? (source). Well, this can be way harder for small businesses. Because small sales teams typically face a slew of challenges daily, from prospecting to consistently implementing lead-generation activities, from breaking through the noise to capturing the attention of busy decision-makers, and the list goes on. 


Juggling such multiple tasks at once can overwhelm your sales team and make them slide qualified leads through your funnel. Therefore, you need to be smart enough to tweak your marketing efforts. You must devise a plan that can handle all of your responsibilities and get you very close to closing your deals. Well, is there any such strategy in this marketing field? Yes, sales-qualified meetings can help you achieve that. In this article, let us discover how setting up meetings can help you receive a regular stream of sales leads for your business:


1. Enhance customer engagement


Did you know that customer engagement marketing can boost sales growth by 66%? (source). Therefore, creating meaningful touchpoints is vital to improving your customer engagement. And there is no better way to do that than by generating meetings with your customers. 


Sales meetings can keep your customers engaged throughout their buying journey and help them learn more about your brand. In addition, such consistent engagement can satisfy your customers and make it more likely to build your close rates.


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2. Acquire accurate data

The accuracy level of your data can impact your overall sales lead-generation process. If you are unsure of the saved data, you can use “sales meetings” to confirm it. By setting up meetings with your clients, you’ll have the ability to discover their true identity and also have a chance to hear their feedback, both of which can be used to create reliable data. Such data can minimize forecast risk and provide better decisions for the following sales process.


3. Nurture your leads


Your leads are always exploring solutions to their needs and are eager to find someone who can guide them to their destination. That is why nurturing your leads in your sales prospecting process is crucial. One of the best ways to do that is by having an interactive meeting with your prospects. 


By being open and consistent in your communication, you can better understand their pain points and, hence, make an effort to deliver a good solution. During this process, you can also identify your “qualified leads” and move them through the sales pipeline to close the deal.


4. Ensure high productivity and profitability


These meetings help organizations identify sales opportunities more likely to result in sales by properly qualifying them. This, in turn, leads to increased sales productivity and profitability. Furthermore, sales-qualified meetings also provide an opportunity for salespeople to learn about the products or services they are selling as well as the needs of their potential customers. This knowledge can be used to increase sales productivity and profitability further. 


5. Boost the volume of your sales


A qualified sales meeting reflects a higher volume of deals being closed. Yes, you heard it right, because well-qualified sales meetings can provide you with all the requirements you need to seal the deal. 


Plus, they help your sales team dive under the surface and understand what’s going on throughout your sales process. In a nutshell, they ensure that all your sales tasks are moving efficiently and the right leads are being fed to your funnel, allowing you to turn your leads into paying customers.


Sadly, most small B2B businesses bang their heads against the wall trying to generate leads. Well, you don’t need to do so, as you know that sales-qualified meetings can blend all of the elements to aid in closing deals. It can also help you cover your sales tasks without much effort and, hence, offers ample time to focus merely on “selling.” Thereby, you can build quicker sales momentum, expand your sales funnel, and effectively fuel the growth of your business.


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