Why Is FunnL The Only Tool You Will Need For Your Lead Generation Campaign?

To succeed in today’s ultra-competitive business world, you must have a solid and effective lead generation campaign. But when there are so many options on the market, it’s not always easy to decide which one to choose. 


FunnL is the only tool you will need for your lead generation campaign. 


When you’re searching for tools to outsource your lead generation campaigns, FunnL stands out among all. It is one of the most competent tools for B2B organizations to reach out to high potential customers. Since FunnL helps you contact your target market with its human-curated campaign-driven prospect program, you can expect to have accurate information about your customers.


Let’s see why FunnL is a must-have tool for your business. 


Generate sales qualified meeting

Every company’s lifeblood is a new business. It catalyzes opportunity, investment, and growth. In this economy, nothing happens until a sale is made. Sales are the engine of any for-profit business. Therefore, FunnL focuses more on sales meetings generation rather than lead generation.


Because once you have productive sales meetings, it’s easier for you to reach your revenue targets. A sales-qualified meeting keeps every sales rep concentrated on the markets and opportunities that offer the best chances of winning. 


Hassle-free onboarding

A new tool shouldn’t be troublesome to set up with FunnL’s smart onboarding. Its sequential onboarding allows you to launch your lead generation campaigns from scratch. You can set it up in less than 30 minutes after following the on-screen instructions. More than 3200 sales professionals – who use FunnL daily to get their job done – cite its ease of setup and use.


Smart prospecting tool

One of FunnL’s soundest tools is its prospecting tool. It’s an AI-powered human-curated tool you need immediately to move more prospects down the sales funnel. Campaign-driven prospects have a considerably greater response rate to sales emails or cold calls. They are at least curious enough to show interest in marketing campaigns. Additionally, they are more likely to become potential new clients for your company.


Since your prospects come from human-curated campaign-driven data from more than 2500 campaigns that produced more than 25000 sales meetings, you save your effort and time here. The names of 3-5 of your current clients and the service you provide are required, and FunnL, in turn, provides you with 50 similar prospects that suit all your criteria.


Customized email sequence templates

You don’t need to stretch your budget limit on branding because of FunnL’s personalized email marketing. The finest analysts at FunnL teamed up to create email sequence templates that are ready to use and fully customizable. Only minimal changes are required in the areas that have been highlighted. Then add appropriate information about your business, and you’re ready to go live. These templates led to over 25,000 sales meetings and $500 million in sales.


One-to-one email model

According to data collected by Hubspot, 

  • Email newsletters are the type of content marketing that 81% of B2B marketers say they utilize the most. (source)
  • The email marketing approach of 64% of B2B marketers successfully helped them achieve their company’s objectives for the last year. (source)

In this scenario, almost every marketer sends emails to their target market. So, how do you stand out among your competitors? FunnL has the solution to get you out of this problem. FunnL does not tell you to send bulk emails to your prospects. Instead, it focuses on a one-to-one email marketing approach. 


Since every lead is unique, and so are their problems, FunnL helps you grasp their pain points by offering you the next-level tailor-made email model. You can take your time and create relevant content to share with your target customers, one at a time. While conducting your lead generation campaign, take fewer steps ahead than others.


Cold calling feature

When you create templates sequentially for your lead generation campaign on FunnL, you will encounter a calling feature that enables you to perform cold calling to contact your target customers. Cold calling is still one of the most effective strategies for generating leads in the B2B world. According to statistics, accurate and current contact information enhances B2B cold calling performance (source). FunnL provides high-quality and authentic information about your prospects, making sales pitching more effective. 


Reporting tool

Users of FunnL’s reporting tool can monitor the effectiveness of their cold-calling and email marketing efforts. The reporting tool offers valuable information that helps increase the success of upcoming initiatives. The reporting tool includes multiple indicators, such as the number of calls made, emails sent, responses received, and conversion rates. The reporting tool also enables users to follow the development of their campaign results over time. Users can evaluate this insightful data to spot trends and tweak their campaigns as necessary. 


Other vital elements you should know about FunnL

  • FunnL performs a thorough market analysis to comprehend your ecosystem in the specific sector where your business belongs.
  • FunnL communicates with you about the lead qualifying parameters to fully understand your business requirements.
  • FunnL also designs lead generation campaign drafts according to the criteria and needs.
  • FunnL forecasts the number of leads you will get in a month or more based on the analytical report.

Above are the crucial features FunnL offers to B2B companies. However, you get many other facilities after collaborating with FunnL. Having a human-curated campaign-driven database, this tool is nothing but a crucial one for your lead generation campaign. As a result, a healthy sales pipeline can be created during the campaign.


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