When Evaluating Any B2B Data Provider, Here Are 5 Things You Should Consider

In today’s world, data is the talk of the B2B marketing space. The more accurate data you use in your marketing activities, the more likely you are to achieve success. Inaccurate data wastes 23.7% of sales reps’ time (source). But with current and accurate data, your sales and business team won’t waste any more time speaking to the wrong people. 

To gather such actionable, analytical, and measurable data, you often need to rely on B2B data providers. These data providers can fulfill your purpose only if they understand and meet your specific needs of sales and operations. Thus picking up the right B2B data provider becomes an important decision for the success of your business.

If you are planning to choose the right data-solution provider, below is what you need to consider: 

1. Data accuracy

The most important thing which should top your priority list when choosing a data provider is the accuracy of the data. Without accurate B2B data, your marketing strategies will go in vain. Hence, choose the right data partner that helps you in acquiring the data from reliable sources. You will boost your sales instantly when you reach out to the target audience with valid information.

The best way to discover a B2B company’s data accuracy is by going through their sources and their way of data collection. Even if the database provider offers sufficient data, make sure that it contains all the details you need.

2. Customization options

The requirements and goals of every organization are unique. That is why you need a flexible marketing database that covers all the perspectives and objectives of your business. 

Before choosing any data provider, ensure that they provide you with an option of customized data. Do thorough research on the kinds of customization options they provide. Moreover, ensure choosing a company that can understand your business needs and provides solutions that can go hand in hand with your sales and marketing goals.

For example:

  • Can you get customization following the name or size of companies in a particular industry?
  • Will the data provide you with the details like the company’s contact information and designation of employees?

3. Adequate insights

Knowing the persona of the buyer can be a great help to your business. This allows you to align your service or product with the interests of your customer. By this, you can reach them with relevant campaigns. 

So before picking up your B2B data provider, make sure that they can gather insights about your target audience. This can further help you to equip your marketing campaigns and enhances the possibility of approaching your targeted customers.

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4. Deliverability Guarantee

If you have invested in your customer data, you would always expect it to work. You hope that the gathered data meets your goals of B2B marketing campaigns. But, when you avail of data service from your data provider, you expect an additional guarantee of deliverability.

So, ask these questions to your data provider for the deliverability guarantee of the B2B database: 

  • What is the deliverability guarantee rate given by your B2B data provider?
  • What guarantee can their services offer if your marketing messages fail to deliver?
  • What further action will your B2B data provider take if a message is undelivered?

Most B2B marketers come across data providers that do not guarantee deliverability. And even if they don’t, they skip providing details about what actions to take in case of failed deliveries. Hence, asking the above questions is important while choosing a data-providing company.

5. Cost factor

The cost factor is one crucial element that needs to be viewed before going for any data-providing organization. But many marketers keep their focus only on ROI and miss the relative value while selecting an organization. It results in costing chaos for many companies. 

It is important to do proper research before jumping on making a decision as you need to understand the estimated pricing range for a company of your size. Also, know the level of negotiations that can be done for it.

Make sure you find answers to these questions to have a clear idea before availing of a data service: 

  • Does your data-providing company offer premium pricing?
  • Are you aware of what other services and offers they include in the premium?
  • Do you think the premium will help you achieve your other targets?

Lastly, If you think that the premium can help you to meet your other business goals, it will be a great call to go for it.

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