What’s The Best Way To Improve The Quality Of Business Leads?

Was sending low-quality leads the marketing team’s fault? 

Or was it the sales team’s fault for the low conversion rates? 

Instead of blaming one another, you should look for ways to improve your B2B lead quality.

Since 50% of sales time goes in vain on low-quality prospects, it demands your immediate attention to make things right (source). Unfortunately, many marketers still deal with the issue of bad leads finding their way into sales pipelines.

Before it’s too late to take action, prioritize enhancing the quality of your business leads. And how exactly can you do it? The answer is “cold emailing.” It is the same as cold calling, except it is more effective and requires less time. Therefore, this email marketing campaign is still favored by many B2B firms.

Let’s find out why it’s one of the best practices to improve lead quality.

How cold emails help generate high-quality leads 

The most logical way to improve your lead quality is to increase your lead source to extract the highest-quality leads possible. Although there are numerous lead sources, many of them quickly become fruitless.

Cold email does not dry out quickly when compared to social media posts. So unless you open it or mark it as read, the email stays as unread.

Below are some undeniable reasons to encourage you to consider cold email marketing campaigns for better lead quality.

1. Less interruption

Compared to cold calls, cold emails are less intrusive, and prospects can answer whenever convenient for them rather than having to do so immediately. In addition, cold emailing allows your prospects to learn more about your company at the best pace. 

Additionally, prospects get more time to research your offerings and consider their options before purchasing. Therefore, 8 out of 10 clients want to be connected by email (source).

2. Effective outreach

The cold email outreach approach involves identifying potential clients who might show interest in your solution or your company and reaching out to them.

Unfortunately, because so many marketers send emails blindly to as many leads as they can, regardless of whether or not they are likely to be interested, outreach emails are frequently regarded as spam by receivers.

Since cold emails allow you to access high-level executives, such as a VP or a regional manager (who are not often online) and discover new markets, approach only your target prospects. This way, you can fill your sales pipeline with high-quality leads.

3. Impactful personalization

Personalized cold emails allow you to show your creative side to create a positive impact on your prospects. However, once you have their attention after sending sales introduction emails, you must clarify your motivation for reaching out. 

Try to use something that they can relate to in addition to using their name. With advanced tools like FunnL, creating and sending personalized sales outreach emails is easy and effective.

4. Brand awareness

When you email potential customers, you stay in their inbox and may even have the possibility of having your email forwarded if your emails are appealing enough. Increasing brand awareness is a crucial additional justification for cold emailing. You can use your email marketing efforts to produce better-quality leads by incorporating your unique brand voice, tone, and logo design.

5. Higher conversion rates

Not all of your high-profile leads will convert into sales. But you can increase conversion rates with the best approach to reaching out to leads. Cold emailing is fantastic because it can subtly point out the best path for the business. A higher conversion rate indicates that the leads generated through cold email outreach are high-quality leads.

6. Cost-effective approach

It’s a tremendously scalable marketing strategy that can reach numerous people with little work and a low budget. Moreover, compared to other approaches, it is pretty much affordable. For a relatively small investment of money, cold emailing can convert a sizable number of recipients. Hence, you can get leads suitable for your desired parameters with this cost-effective email marketing campaign.

Now, it’s time for us to wrap up. But, before doing that, you must remember that instead of wasting time sorting out bad or wrong leads, it’s better to generate promising business leads in the beginning. 

After you decide to run an email marketing campaign to get high-quality leads, spend time adjusting your plan to determine what works best for you. With the right tools, it’s easily possible to achieve.


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