What Can Artificial Intelligence Do For B2B Sales & Marketing?

From automated content creation to personalized client experiences, AI offers ever-growing capabilities that help optimize campaigns or provide a competitive edge. Marketers have appreciated this advanced technology that is adaptable, scalable, simple to use, and secure. 

Moreover, laser-focused AI modules tailored to B2B applications are reshaping businesses – from small B2B firms to larger ones.

This article describes how well AI is scaling up B2B sales and marketing in today’s environment.

Contribution of AI in B2B sales and marketing

1. Boosts lead generation

One of the most challenging hurdles for over 60% of marketers today is generating high-quality leads with a large volume (source). Here is how AI addresses this issue:

  • With the ability to go deep into sales funnels, AI collects accurate and real-time dynamic data across channels and databases, which is challenging to do manually.

  • As lead generation is tedious, optimizing the process with AI integration enables marketers to spend more time implementing strategic tactics than wasting time in manual processes.

  • Marketers establish more refined target personas and develop more powerful lead-scoring systems with high-valued leads in hand.

Picking an AI partner is vital to produce quality and accurate results on time.

2. Provides client insights

Clients usually leave a trail of information behind them through their online clicks and searches, chat and email conversations, website visits, and purchase decisions. 

Marketers often overlook this massive volume of data, leaving the need for high-quality automated technology, such as AI, for the data needs.

  • AI can organize, process, and generate actionable insights by learning client mindsets, behavior, pain points, and demographics.

  • Creating accurate buyer personas and ideal customer profiles (ICPs) becomes effortless with better data insights. Hence, businesses can contact target prospects and existing clients with relevant information at the right time.

  • AI can enhance marketing effectiveness by incorporating future client requirements into outreach campaigns through intelligent suggestions.

  • Predictive analytics, a part of AI, helps forecast buying decisions based on buying patterns. 

3. Levels up personalization

AI is a powerful personalization tool that you should use. Here are some reasons why:

  • AI can create highly personalized messages for your clients and prospects throughout the buyer journey and life cycle. 

  • Email campaigns can be enhanced and tailored based on user behavior, ensuring buyers receive only the messages and emails they want. 

  • Businesses that use this technology to understand their buyers’ needs have a significant advantage in creating lasting, meaningful relationships.

  • Instead of focusing on a specific industry, businesses can generate one-to-one responses to their marketing messages based on the client’s interests.

  • Further, AI-generated hyper-personalized messages include pop-up messages, advertisements on numerous websites and landing pages, and email and text messages.

  • Lastly, AI technology studies large amounts of past information and then uses it to determine the optimal time for each user to receive a specific message. This new approach makes content strategies more successful than traditional methods.

4. Makes SEO more efficient

Most B2B marketing approaches consume a lot of time and manual labor. Whether generating new SEO keywords or getting competitor insights, advanced technology is essential.

  • With the advancement of AI, time-consuming and labor-intensive SEO tasks will become more automated and efficient.

  • By employing automated notifications and speed monitoring, marketers can focus more on the user experience and enhance client engagement rates.

  • As a result, it can maximize the company’s returns on previously spent content creation efforts and engage new online buyers.

5. Enhances website and app performance

Whether you only have a website or both a website and a mobile app, tracking their performances is paramount to upscale your business. 

However, whether due to a lack of importance or a terrible user experience, Statista reports that nearly 36.4% of US users delete a mobile app within 30 days of downloading it (source).

In this scenario, marketers can receive alerts of any unexpected or unfavorable data adjustments using AI-powered platforms. 

For instance, if a website’s bounce rate suddenly increases, AI systems give real-time notifications and relevant data.

6. Uplifts buyer experience

In B2B sales and marketing, you are bound to give your prospects and clients the best experience throughout the buyer journey, even after closing deals. 

That’s why customer service and engagement are the best places for companies to invest in AI technologies.

  • The assertive use of AI robots and algorithms allows B2B marketers to collect and organize more data to boost lead engagement.

  • Customer service automation is the most common application of AI in business today. 

For example, chatbots and interactive voice response (IVR) systems are AI programs that can execute several crucial tasks to support touchpoints before and after a deal.

  • Businesses can focus on buyer inquiries that demand more problem-solving and empathy by letting AI do tedious tasks. As a result, these buyers can receive more attentive care, leading to great buyer experiences.

  • Microsoft research shows that around 90% of B2B organizations seek self-service solutions (source). AI-powered platforms enable organizations to provide constant and convenient customer care across many channels, 24/7.

This advancement of AI enables B2B marketers to engage with their business buyers, build relationships with them, and provide the most effective service.

There are numerous opportunities in B2B sales and marketing to empower many traditional approaches by leveraging the power of AI. 

As AI continues to evolve, sophisticated ways of tapping into buyer insight will likely become available, allowing businesses of all sizes to better connect with their target market.


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