What are Sales Qualifying Questions and Why are they Important?

What are Sales Qualifying Questions and Why are they Important?

A sales rep goes through a series of steps to close a business deal. And no matter how important the lead is to the sales team, it won’t be an ideal fit for the process if it is not meant to be closed. Several factors affect the qualification of a lead that is being identified by the marketers such as an organization’s budget, prospect’s decision-making authority, pain points, timeline, etc., and a constraint in any one of these factors can become a roadblock for the lead to be considered as sales qualified. 

Therefore, an inside sales team should come up with qualifying questions for every prospect to find out if they are a relevant fit for the business and is it worth allocating valuable time and resources behind them. Here’s the list of the questions you need to ask your prospective buyers to make sure you’re pitching in the right direction.

  • How did you come to know about us? 

It is pertinent for a rep to find out what channel the prospect used to research about your company and its offerings. It may be a webinar that they attended, by clicking on a google ad, or through a referral. This will give you an accurate idea about how to further engage with the lead based on their knowledge about your brand.

  • What are the pain points/challenges you are facing currently?

By asking this question, you will gain a clear perspective about your buyer persona and their business needs. Further, it will provide an exact viewpoint of whether your products or services are the right fit for the buyer. By finding out the challenges that your prospects are facing, you can establish the pain points early in the conversation that will motivate them to take further action by connecting with your sales team.

  • Who all are a part of the decision-making process?

Communicating with the right person in an organization is vital for a sales rep who is trying to close a deal. If the prospect is not having the authority to make purchase-related decisions for the business you might like to talk to someone who is involved in the decision-making process to save your time and efforts to close the deal faster.

  • What will be your dedicated budget for this project?

Pricing is the most important factor that determines sales deals. If the prospect can’t afford the product that you are offering, the deal isn’t the right fit. However, determining how much a company is willing or able to spend on the project can help you provide a tailored solution that may benefit both.

  • Do you have an immediate requirement for our offering?

The time factor is crucial in determining if the leads are sales-ready or not. If the prospect is interested in your product or service but requires the solution after some weeks or months, then the reps can retain the lead in the pipeline to work on it later and focus on the leads that require prompt action. 

  • Are you looking for solutions from other sources as well?

This question will help you gain an insight into how serious a prospect is about doing business with your firm. If they are also considering your competitors for the same deal, then you can leverage the situation to your advantage by focusing on delivering productive and prompt results to the buyer.

Creating a list of sales qualifying questions is always a good idea when pitching for a lead. What’s even better is to outsource your lead generation platform to ensure consistent sales ready leads in your pipeline.  

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