Virtual Marketing and Selling Etiquettes to Follow for Inside Sales

Virtual Marketing and Selling Etiquettes to Follow for Inside Sales

Virtual marketing/selling trends are getting popular among the B2B sector as they simplify the process by significantly reducing the travel time for the representatives. Additionally, virtual sales and marketing allow your prospects to include their organization’s decision-makers in online meetings, paving the way for quicker decision-making and a more efficient process.

Benefits of Virtual Marketing and Selling

Sales professionals who inherit the skills to sell virtually will benefit not only today but also in the long-term. (Read Our Blog, Enable Your Sales Team to Sell virtually in 2020)

Below are the major benefits of the virtual selling approach.

  • Global access
  • Flexible approach
  • Reduced barriers
  • Fast implementation with improved technology
  • Budget-friendly
  • The enhanced trust factor between the sales team and customers
  • Increased ROI
  • Lower business costs

It’s important to understand the best practices for running a successful marketing/sales meeting to thrive in the virtual environment so that the teams can engage prospects, nurture leads, drive deals, and maintain relationships.

Let’s dive in to discuss the virtual marketing/selling etiquettes.

Test your tools in advance

You can avoid the inconvenience and wastage of time by logging in 5 minutes before your meeting and check if every tool, webcam, WIFI, etc., is working well. This will help your meeting proceed seamlessly without any interruptions, especially if you are giving an online demo for your product or service.

Minimize the distractions

While the location factor doesn’t matter for a virtual conference, you still have to make sure that the meeting hub is free from any noise disruptions and distractions. Also, don’t forget to mute your microphone when not in use.

Greet your audience

Strong communication is the foundation of virtual meetings as it breaks the ice between sales professionals and the clients. You should greet everyone when the meeting starts and be courteous throughout the meeting. Be humble and clear while responding to queries and be a good listener. Make sure to maintain a professional attitude throughout the meeting.

Engage through technology

It can be tough to keep the meeting attendees engaged throughout the meeting without the help of visual aid or interactive elements. Screen sharing is a great way to actively engage clients during virtual meetings. Same way, video conferencing tools, PPTs, infographics, and short informational videos about your products or services are a great way to keep your clients hooked on to the meeting without losing interest.

Follow up the right way

End each meeting with a clear course of action to reinforce clarity and communication. Don’t forget to send emails of the meeting summary to the clients with a list of the next steps. If your sales team uses CRM software, they can transfer the entire meeting conversation into CRM to analyze it for better insights.

While it can be tricky to successfully conduct a virtual sales meeting, for platforms like FunnL, virtual meetings are a normal part of their process. That is why FunnL is the fastest growing platform to generate successful sales qualified meetings and has generated more than 10,000 leads for about 100 companies. Today, FunnL has leading brands across the globe, particularly in the US and the UK, entrusting it with their Sales Process Outsourcing. Contact FunnL to expand your business.


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