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Many companies prefer to use inside sales platforms to promote and increase sales. The inside sales platform provides tools and services needed to implement the inside sales process and improve productivity and efficiency. However, a small startup needs more resources and less capital to start its business.


But that’s where the issue lies: How can you start your business from scratch and get more resources with less money? That’s why businesses search for a single platform that provides the necessary tools and services for their business and consider it their initial investment. But where do you start?


One option is the FunnL Inside Sales Platform. The platform was created with small businesses in mind.


This powerful tool provides everything you need to get your business up and running, from lead generation, lead management, cold calling, email marketing, and real-time reporting to pipeline management. Best of all, it requires minimal capital investment, making it perfect for small teams.


Not only does it provide all of the necessary sales tools, but it also offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model that makes it more affordable for startups. In addition, the platform is designed to scale your business so you can easily add more users as your team grows.


In addition, FunnL offers a free trial, so you can try out the platform before you commit to it.


Working with the FunnL platform


1. Create a FunnL account


Head over to the FunnL website and click the start for the FREE button to create an account. It will lead you to the signup page. Next, enter your company name, work email address, and password to open a new account. When the account is registered, the domain name for your account is automatically created. You can key in your company information on the profile page. In addition, the company can enter the license details if registered or apply for new subscriptions. 


2. Campaign basics


On the campaign page, enter your campaign name and the launch date of your campaign. Inside the campaign description, you will need to fill out the following details:

  • Purpose of your campaign,
  • Benefits of your campaign,
  • Campaign budget,
  • Campaign workflow.

Under the recommended best practice section, you can then enter the maximum number of people contacted per day, the maximum number of emails sent per minute, and the maximum number of emails sent by a campaigner per page.


3. Campaign team


You can assign the designation campaigner to the team lead and the designation as salespersons to other members. The campaigner can link with his work email and enter the task assigned to the salesperson under the ‘Add bridge details’ button. The task schedule is also linked to the Calendly tool. You can also create additional roles such as data analyst, copywriter, campaign monitor, and report reviewer if necessary.


4. Target audience


You can collect contact information on this page. Next, the FunnL AI Prospector or their contacts gather the contact information. Their contact tab is divided into two sections. One section is where you can enter contact information online; another is where you can collect contact information from the spreadsheet. 


Finally, the AI will recommend contact information when searching by existing customer names and products/solutions you want to sell using FunnL AI Prospector. The results produced are valid prospect contact information.


5. Assign prospects


You can see the targeted prospects selected from the FunnL AI Prospector or your contacts. These prospects are assigned automatically or manually to your campaigner. Then, the campaigner designates the companies/industries/locations and vice versa. You can view the information about the target audience by clicking on the ‘view details’ button.


6. Drafts


The drafts page mainly focuses on choosing email sequences for your business. Cadences is another name for an email sequence. You can name your cadence or create a new cadence. 


For example, the named FunnL cadence focuses on first contact, first follow-up, second follow-up, and other follow-ups. The first contact is the first time you get in touch with your prospect and get to know them. 


In the first follow-up, you address the prospects’ pain points and schedule a meeting with them. In the second follow-up, you encourage them to work with you and establish a relationship. The FunnL platform provides the template for the first contact, first follow-up, and second follow-up. You can send the template via mobile or email and schedule the sending days in advance. Then, the business will launch the campaign.


Now that you have gone through the sales platform process in detail, FunnL is the ultimate inside sales outsourcing team for starting your small business. It provides more resources and a smaller budget.


This article explains the concept of FunnL’s sales platform


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