Types of B2B Data Commonly Used In B2B Marketing

With so many innovations in the B2B world, many sales and marketing professionals are finding it hard to target their ideal buyers accurately. So before focusing on prospects, businesses must first grasp the numerous B2B data kinds available at their disposal.

B2B data generally improves your understanding of other businesses and assists your sales and marketing teams in enhancing decision-making skills. Your marketing approach can be fueled by adequately understanding the many sorts of B2B data. Here in this article, let’s explore the various B2B data types available in B2B space and see how they might be put to use for effective lead generation:

1. Demographic data

Demographic data aims to help you better understand your audience so that you can interact with them and transform them into your clients. This data type identifies the individual members of your audience by their specific characteristics, wants, and needs.

Demographic data usually opens your doors to a broader audience by providing necessary information about your leads. You can also view sociopolitical issues and income. This demographic information enables you to design effective customer personas.

With the help of demographic data, you can spend more marketing on your most enthusiastic clients and stop spending on those who aren’t interested. Since 56% of firms consistently stress the significance of this phase, these data types have become even more crucial than ever before (source).

2. Firmographic data

If your company is looking for ways to offer its services to other businesses, firmographic data can help you in this situation. This data type provides business information that enables you to categorize companies that are a good fit for you. 

With the help of these data types, you can explore more informative details like the name of the company, its location, revenue, and industry and can completely know the comprehensive history of your target company. In addition, you can quickly pinpoint your sales triggers on your target accounts using firmographic data. 

3. Chronographic Data

Chronographic data helps you to have exposure to additional knowledge on your B2B target leads. In addition, this data helps B2B marketers make sales. You’ll also explore their recruiting procedures and more.

By employing chronographic data, you can leverage your marketing strategy and unlock your closed B2B sales leads.

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4. Technographic Data

With technographic data, you can enhance your buyer personas by analyzing the technology stack of your prospects and personalizing your conversations. By understanding which technologies your target market uses, you can get a better idea of what type of content they are most likely to respond to. Additionally, you can use technography to determine which channels are most effective for reaching them. 

5. Intent data

While all other B2B data kinds give you details on your B2B leads, Intent data is more focused on the behavioral activities of your prospects. These data types help you identify where a prospect is in the buyer journey and if they are a good fit for your business.

Intent data usually provide you with more applicative information such as visits to the page on your website, including hours spent, products they view and search histories related to purchases. 

Through B2B intent data, you can easily find your leads when they take their steps towards purchasing your product.

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