Top Data Enrichment Services For Your Business

It is widely accepted that data quality plays a significant part in driving better campaign results for B2B leaders. When making critical decisions, companies usually rely on basic information like a prospect’s email address and phone number. This type of input is vital for any sales dataset. However, it is far from sufficient to create a highly personalized campaign.


So, what should you do to design an efficient campaign? First, consider using data enrichment services. These services not only collect precise data points of your leads but also update your CRM to the greatest extent possible. There is a wide range of data enrichment services; you need to know if you are stepping on to enrich your database. So, in this post, let’s dive into top data enrichment services that you should be aware of:


1. Data cleansing 


Organizations usually insert big stuff into their databases, and that data can become obsolete at any time. This can create a significant barrier to any company’s ability to achieve its business objectives. This is where data cleansing comes in to guarantee your CRM data is clean, up to date, and consistent. In addition, you can use this service to erase or format any incorrect information.


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2. Deduplication


De-duplication deletes unnecessary copies of data, which helps you free up space for new data. This method is excellent for organizations that struggle to minimize their data storage volume. This solution saves your storage space and reduces your overall data storage costs.


3. Data standardization 


Businesses spread their data over multiple platforms, drowning in a massive sea of data. This may cause them to lose sight of the overall picture regarding their customer profile, leaving all their marketing activities ineffective.


Is there a way to simplify these data infrastructures? By employing a data standardization service, you can streamline these data infrastructures. In addition, this data standardization service allows you to optimize customer interactions and uplift sales processes.


4. Data discovery and list building


If you are a business owner looking for a way to help your employees grasp the ongoing data, make use of a data discovery service. This service enables your company to understand the patterns and outliers of complex data. 


By gathering and evaluating data from multiple sources, data discovery ensures that your business can analyze the various data trends in your dataset. Later, you can begin growing your list of qualified prospects when the data patterns are widely understood.


5. Data appending


This service fills all the gaps in a given database. For example, if you are missing the phone number of one of your crucial leads, data appending assists you and makes significant differences in your subsequent marketing campaigns.


6. Real-time data enrichment 


This solution offers real-time data that helps you gain insights into your customer needs. Access to such data analytics can direct you to enhance your customer engagements and allows you to succeed in a shorter period.


7. Firmographics enrichment 


This service assists firms in categorizing their B2B data based on firmographics segmentation, such as performance, total revenue, employee size, and other company-specific qualities. Here, your data records are branched into descriptive parts, allowing your marketing programs to run systematically and helping you reach your targeted leads.


8. Geographics enrichment


This data enrichment service entails adding postal data such as leads’ addresses to your existing database. Having a collection of this information can make your campaigns more targeted.


9. Demographics enrichment 


This service brings new demographics such as lead attributes to your database network and enhances your existing customer dataset. Enriching data in this manner might be an excellent strategy to improve the target of your marketing offers.


10. Industry enrichment


If you want to create a thorough list of organizations you want to work with, industry enrichment service can guide you. These services map out the sectors and sub-sectors that you are looking for. Using this solution, you can enrich your large-scale company data and execute the appropriate marketing campaign targeting your B2B leads.


As you can see, there are many data enrichment services to choose from. The best way to find the right one for your business is to research and ask for recommendations. Once you find a few that fit your needs, test them out and see which one works best for you. Then, with the right tool in hand, you can easily enrich your customer data, create a complete picture of your target audience, and assist your marketing efforts. 


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