Top 15 B2B Companies in 2024

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B2B stands for Business-to-Business. These companies target to provide services to other businesses rather than individual consumers. B2B companies aim to sell products, providing services to businesses, or sharing valuable information with other companies. No matter what type of business you have or work in, you’ll likely use a product or service from a B2B company that helps you work more efficiently. B2B companies often use technology, research, and development to meet the specific requirements of their B2B clients.


Best Top 15 B2B Companies List in 2023-24


We have prepared a list of the top 15 B2B companies in 2023-24. Let’s examine each company and understand its business.


Who doesn’t know Microsoft? It is one of the top software companies. Microsoft offers many things, from Microsoft Office, the Windows operating system, to the .NET Framework software development platform. They also create games for Xbox consoles and Windows Phone devices. The company also provides cloud computing services through its Azure and Office 365 platforms.


Intel is known for its technological stuff, like microprocessors, memory chips, and silicon-based products. These applications are used in different fields, from personal computers to smartphones and automobiles. Intel’s journey toward success speeded up when they developed the microprocessor. This invention of the microprocessor changed the computing world. You’ll find most of the laptops using the Intel microprocessors.


SAP is one of the most-heard names in the software industry. It’s a German B2B company that provides software enterprise solutions to businesses. They have different products, from CRM (customer relationship management) to ERP (enterprise resource planning). These products are in high demand, majorly in software companies. This B2B company is famous because it provides long-lasting business solutions to companies.


SAP initially focused on enterprise data processing systems and later expanded into a comprehensive provider of business software, technology services, solutions, and software products.


Who doesn’t know Adobe? It’s a well-known B2B company in the software industry that works in digital content creation, development, management, and distribution. Adobe provides various software solutions for designing, engineering, and media creation. Its most-known products include Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Premiere Pro.


These software programs are very popular worldwide and are highly usable in businesses. From advanced photo editing in Photoshop to vector graphics created in Illustrator and professional video editing in Premiere Pro, Adobe’s suite of products allows users to use their creativity and achieve remarkable results in digital design.


Oracle is one of the top B2B companies that work in the area of database and middleware. With a focus on digital transformation, Oracle offers comprehensive enterprise software to empower businesses and tap into expanding market opportunities. The company has always focused on innovation. That allowed them to push the boundaries with its cutting-edge software products. With a mission of empowering organizations through information technology, they have become a digital aspiration.


Oracle aims to provide businesses with advanced technology and a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


BigCommerce is one of the most well-known names in the e-commerce industry. It empowers businesses to deliver outstanding shopping experiences while managing inventory, tracking sales data, and fostering business growth. Well-known companies such as Ben & Jerry’s, Skullcandy, and Woolrich trust BigCommerce for its user-friendly tools, robust technology, and advanced analytics reporting.


With BigCommerce, businesses can confidently expand and evolve without worrying about outgrowing their website.


Upwork is a well-known platform in the freelancer community. Upwork provides a talent acquisition solution that allows businesses to connect with skilled professionals who can make an immediate impact. This B2B company has a vast network of talented individuals and agencies. Upwork has data on qualified candidates and experts in web development, web design, copywriting, digital marketing, customer service, and more. Companies can find suitable candidates based on their requirements.


If you’ve ever explored creating a digital/online shop, you must have encountered Shopify. Shopify is a B2B company that offers an e-commerce platform with a store builder. They’ve made it easy by eliminating the need for code. They offer various themes and customizable templates to impact your store visually. Additionally, Shopify can manage your inventory, track payments, and give you business insights from a single dashboard.


Slack has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. It became so popular in company teams that people started to use it as a verb, like “Slack me that document” or “Can I Slack you?” One of the main advantages of Slack is its compatibility, which allows it to provide all work-related communication on a single platform. Slack also offers various integrations, allowing users to connect with other applications and collaborate with teams from different companies.


Salesforce is one of the top B2B companies that provides a range of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) products called Customer 360, which are made for various teams. For example, the Sales Productivity Bundle caters to sales teams, while the Service Efficiency Bundle is designed for customer service. Salesforce offers the Find Your Solution tool to simplify the process and find the right solution. By answering different questions about your industry and other factors, Salesforce guides you to the most suitable solution that meets your requirements.


Creating a website is the first step for any new business. The most challenging task is designing and coding the website. Then, there comes the Webflow service. They offer a service that combines web design and development, allowing you to build websites without designing and coding. With its intuitive visual canvas, you can swiftly create interactive content-driven designs, launch an e-commerce store, set up blogs, and even monetize exclusive member content in a matter of days, saving you valuable time compared to lengthy development processes.


HubSpot allows Sales teams to efficiently monitor and assess their sales pipeline using a centralized dashboard. This software ensures that all team members are well-informed about the progress of leads. Reports on sales performance, productivity, and individual contributor achievements can be seen. HubSpot offers a robust platform for sales teams, marketing departments, customer service, content marketing management, and operations teams. With the flexibility to add unlimited users, HubSpot serves as an excellent starting point.


Mailchip is a famous name in digital marketing, mainly email marketing. Beyond being a mere email marketing provider, Mailchimp offers a comprehensive suite of services, including landing page creation, digital advertising, and online store development. Its goal is to help businesses establish an online presence and initiate marketing campaigns swiftly. With cost-effective options, even those on a tight budget can quickly launch their businesses online through Mailchimp.


Jira offers tools for software development teams operating in an agile environment. Using the Jira dashboard, users can plan, track, release, report, and automate their projects. That allows them to break down large ideas into manageable tasks and distribute them across teams. The platform provides pre-built templates for bug tracking, scrum, DevOps, and other project management methodologies, simplifying the onboarding process while allowing for customization as your team expands and evolves.


Payroll, benefits, and hiring tools are essential for businesses that want to bring onboard employees or contractors. No matter the size of your team, Gusto simplifies the process of ensuring timely payment for everyone involved. Gusto assists with tax filing, compliance issues, and identifying potential tax credits you may need to know. Gusto plays a significant role in hiring, payroll, taxes, and benefits.


The list mentioned above may not be exclusive, but it’s a great place to start if you’re looking for a top B2B company. Learn about these 15 B2B companies and what they do.

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