Top 10 Ways to Generate Potential Leads with AI Lead Generation Tool

ai tool for lead generation


In today’s digital-first world, AI lead generation technologies offer tremendous advantages compared to traditional methods. From improving targeting capabilities and increasing accuracy to maximizing conversion rate and ensuring scalability, these tools can help businesses maximize their sales potential.


Let us take a look at how you can take your lead-generating process a step further with an AI lead-generation tool:          


Ten Ways to Generate Leads with AI Lead Generation Tool


1. Buyer Personas

To target more potential leads for your business, you should concentrate on creating your buyer personas. They can give you a better understanding of who your leads are, which helps you focus your time and efforts on attracting qualified prospects for your business.


If you are in the early stages of your sales process, you must develop buyer personas by conducting extensive research. However, if you have come a long way, you can create buyer personas using your internal data.


An AI lead generation tool aids you in developing buyer personas by evaluating data from your prospects’ transactional and behavioral activities. So, this tool will enable you to generate more personalized buyer personas that fetch potential leads for your business.


2. Predictive Lead Scoring

An AI lead generation tool analyzes past outcomes, such as your prior leads’ conversion history and behavioral actions, to discover the current prospects that fit your criteria. And later, it scores and ranks your leads accordingly. 


So thus, with AI lead generation tools, you can eventually eliminate your guesswork and generate well-suited leads.


3. Lead Qualification


Lead qualification is a time-consuming operation that cannot be overlooked because it helps you to land potential clients. 


An AI lead generation tool can help you decide if someone should be considered a potential customer. It does this by analyzing information about the prospect, such as their interests and needs, to see if they are a good match for what your business offers.


It identifies businesses catering to your target audience and examines their lead patterns and ICP. Therefore, you can have a list of qualified prospects to close your sales.


4. Lead Targeting

Targeting your leads is essential to sealing more offers. And one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by employing a lead segmentation strategy.


So, how will you do that? 


An AI lead generation tool uses algorithms to divide your leads into smaller groups. This means it can sort out the leads based on different characteristics, like what stage of the buying process they are in or how likely they are to purchase.


This helps you organize your leads and target them accordingly. 


5. Lead Engagement


Did you know that  80% of your leads require an average of five follow-ups to seal a deal? (source). That means you must engage your leads consistently; otherwise, they may leave you and disrupt your sales process. 


An AI lead generation tool helps you send emails to prospects who might be interested in what you sell. It will keep sending emails until they reply so you can get more engaged customers.


6. Chatbots

Chatbots are a helpful way to stay connected with buyers. These tools use AI to answer questions from people 24/7, helping businesses stay in touch with existing leads, get new customers, and grow their business.


7. Predictive Recommendations


You can close most of your exciting deal offers by planning and making some future predictions. 


An AI lead generation tool can help you by analyzing how your leads feel and prompting you when they are likely to buy or not buy from you. This helps you make better decisions and get more leads.


8. Personalization


Developing relationships can be easily accomplished if you have informative data. 


Since an AI lead generation tool can analyze your lead behavior data and produce valuable insights about them, you can conveniently personalize your marketing efforts. 


Moreover, this tool can even send your leads a service recommendation or tailored content based on their behavioral action, likes, and dislikes.


9. Campaign Optimization

Despite the advent of new marketing technologies, email campaigns still continue to be the most effective way to generate leads. 


An AI lead generation tool helps you optimize your overall campaign, from enriching your email content and call to action to helping you target the right audience. 


So, employ this tool and increase the number of new leads entering your company.


10. Enrich the Sales Pipeline


From scoring your leads to forecasting their likes and dislikes, an AI lead generation tool will help you bring in potential leads, thus improving your overall sales pipeline.


An AI lead generation tool like FunnL is the solution businesses can partner with to streamline their sales process. Leveraging its innovative technology can help you discover new leads and build relationships that drive your business’s growth.


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