Top 10 Content Ideas to Help Your Business Accrue New Leads

Finding fresh ideas for your content marketing strategy is challenging, regardless of how experienced you are. Understandably, you have a limited number of content ideas that are original and creative, and the time is running fast.


So how can you create content that helps your business to be more successful?


Whether big or small, every company must produce engaging and relevant content to attract its target market. Therefore, all your content initiatives should have the goal of sales lead generation, which is the fundamental purpose of content marketing. Get good suggestions from this article about the top 10 content ideas for sales lead generation.


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Ten Content Ideas For Sales Lead Generation


1. Make blogging a good habit

The power of blogging is unmatched! The best way to position yourself as an expert in your domain is to write blogs and post them on your website. First, create blog posts to allow customers to know about your products. Then explain how your service would alleviate their problems through informative content. 

About half of the top 200 Fortune 500 businesses had blogs before 2019, which has increased to 77% as of 2020. Statistics demonstrate that blogging is a crucial marketing strategy, even when you are already successful. (source)


So, if you already publish blog posts, maintain the accuracy and relevance of the information. Find out which of your articles receives the most views and comments. Give your business a voice through blogs!


2. Incorporate user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) may include reviews, comments, or images of other customers using the product. It’s one of the most effective content ideas to capture your potential customer’s attention. In addition, since your potential customers seek evidence that your business fulfills its promise, UGC generally works wonders as a trust builder.


Statistics show that: 

  • Before making a purchase, 70% of consumers acknowledge UGC evaluations or ratings. In addition, 4 to 7 UGC reviews will be read by at least 41% to get crucial information about a product.
  • A startling 93% of consumers say that UGC is beneficial when buying a product. (source)

How profitable it is! 

Therefore, you should take action to encourage your existing and new buyers, for instance, to comment on your products via social media. Then, use the feedback as content for your next content marketing endeavor.


3. Create downloadable content

The key to getting into your prospects’ inboxes is downloadable content. To persuade customers to buy, provide a free trial, a complete download, or a sample. Infographics, training programs, industry trend reports, eBooks, podcasts, and case studies are appropriate for this kind of lead generation.



You can exchange your contact information for your prospects’ contact information with this type of content. Of course, you can also ask for more than an email address, but knowing how much to ask for might be challenging. 


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4. Employ a cross-promotion strategy

Cross-promotion is a series of activities designed to promote products and services from several businesses that don’t compete but have comparable audiences. You can reach a broader range of audiences by using guest posts as a practical cross-promotion approach. It assists with brand awareness, sales lead generation, and product and service promotion.


One of the simplest ways to grab readers’ interest in the comments section and get leads for follow-ups is to cross-promote and hold contests. For example, on a Facebook ad, viewers can enter by filling out a lead form.


5. Repurpose most-viewed content

Are you out of new content ideas for your upcoming marketing campaign? You will be surprised to know that the content for your upcoming campaign is already there! You need to repurpose your content. 


For instance, you already have a piece of long-form content with high views and a search engine ranking. You may use some of the information from that blog or article for your email newsletters or even case studies. If necessary, edit or modify your post before posting because each platform has different advantages. This way, you can increase the impact of your popular content by sharing it on additional channels.


6. Generate engaging social media content

You most likely have some social media presence if you’re actively involved in marketing your products or services. But, sadly, being present alone is insufficient. You must participate in the platforms that your target audience uses.


1 in 3 adults regularly access Facebook news, indicating the platform’s popularity for content (source). Therefore, you must grab this opportunity to showcase your products or services through creative content.


7. Collaborate with influencers

Influencers now rule the internet in today’s virtual world. They can advertise your company, service, or products in a way that viewers can relate to. To provide clients with a more tailor-made experience, include a sales lead generation form for your influencers or generate a special discount coupon.



Data shows that the number of businesses supporting the influencer marketing sector has increased along with it. Companies involved in influencer marketing increased by 26% to 18,900 globally in 2021. (source) Influencer content may help your brand stand out in the crowded digital environment of today. 


8. Customize content at each stage of the sales funnel

Each stage of the sales funnel consists of different types of customers. Sharing the appropriate content that meets your demands is crucial to encourage them to buy your product or service. You can determine which stage of the sales funnel your client is now in and provide them with suitable content that relates to that stage. Sales lead generation becomes less complicated when customers find your content informative, helpful, and highly customized.


9. Share interesting things about your company

It is one of the most exciting content ideas on this list. You have so many platforms to tell your story. You can share,

Your brand story

Everyone likes to hear their favorite brand’s story. Similarly, you must convey your message to engage the audience and spark interest in the company’s name, products, and services.

Corporate news

Sharing company news is an excellent technique to make your brand more approachable and transparent to your customers. You can update and introduce new products to your existing clientele. 

Employee stories

Your company’s employees have thoughtful opinions, ideas, and stories to share with others. So, it’s an acceptable idea to take advantage of the pile of free content you already have on hand and use it to enrich the value of your brand.


10. Share content in the form of industrial hacks

An industrial hack refers to a resource-efficient solution to a problem. It can be a creative and innovative solution to address an issue you already have rather than having to spend time and money asking for outside assistance. 


The audience will think of you as knowledgeable and competent in your field if you post innovative solutions to issues faced by people related to your sector. It doesn’t matter that only a limited number of people benefit from your hack solutions. This content marketing idea may enable you to turn those very few people into valuable clients.


So, go ahead if you have any advice to impart!


Overall, it can be difficult sometimes to be original in inventing new content ideas. Apply the above tactics for sales lead generation and save time. Showcase your confidence and expertise to the audience in your ability to deliver the required solutions.


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