Things Inside Sales Managers should know before building their team

All businesses start with goals — revenue goals, market share goals, profit margin goals. But setting these goals is the easy part. The difficult part is putting the right process to achieve these goals. What kind of sales process do you need to reach your company’s extent revenue goals? How can you increase lead generation to keep pace with ambitious growth objectives?

The answer is- Inside sales. 

An inside sales team using the power of modern outreach tools from phone calls to video meetings, inside sales team members work independently and cohesively to make sales. Inside sales teams continue to grow in popularity as technology develops. Many computer-savvy B2B buyers have become self-sufficient in researching purchase decisions—and also expect a more digital buying experience.

Before you start hiring, keep these pointers in your mind to build more effective sales teams.

  • Plan your sales team structure

Automated tools cannot replace real sales team members. While planning for your inside sales team, you can think of the different inside sales team roles by remembering the “Triple S”: Sales, Sales Support, and Success.

  1. Sales: These are your sales representatives. Their job is to build relationships with prospects and ultimately make sales.
  2. Sales Support: These are your sales development representatives (SDRs). They help qualify leads, target new accounts and follow up with leads to schedule sales meetings — so that the sales representatives can spend their time truly selling to sales qualified leads.
  3. Success: This is your customer success department, who works with your existing customers to ensure success and grow relationships. Keeping great relationships with current customers will only help in growing business in the future.
  • Consider your budget

How many employees you’ll end up hiring for each type of role will depend on what kind of product you sell, the size of your current company, and the amount of your budget allotted for hiring. Remember when you are hiring for SDRs- an in-demand role which can be difficult to retain. You may want to consider the option of an outsourced team of SDRs versus building and managing that part of your inside sales team internally.

Building a team for inside sales

The most important part of building a successful inside sales team is finding the right people. When hiring for a successful inside sales team your team would need:-

  • Process for lead nurturing and closing

It’s very important to show the whole process to your new sales teams as understanding the process is as important as understanding the product. Every sales professional is different and may have their method, but giving them a starting point is a smart move. The process will show them how to deal with difficult questions, navigate excuses given by prospects, and overcome obstacles. Also sharing your past mistakes with your new sales teams will be an added advantage to gain more sales and don’t forget to spend a significant amount of time explaining the whole process to your team. You’ll need to explain in detail the steps you take to get on a lead’s radar. Gather the various cold email templates you’ve used successfully in the past and the follow-up emails that have turned cold leads into clients. And record yourself giving demos to leads so that you can explain to your team what went right and what went wrong in these engagements.

  • Onboarding and training plan

If there’s one mistake that many managers do while building their sales teams, it’s underestimating the role of a quality onboarding experience. As the inside sales manager, it’s your job to ensure that the team is equipped with the tools and resources they need to do their job well.

In the first week with your new team, make sure they have everything they need to hit the ground running. You want your team to become product experts, but to do that they need support. Educate them on how to sell your product and answer potential customers’ most popular questions. 

Don’t forget to show your team how to use the tools of the trade. What inside sales CRM software are you using? What tools do you use to identify leads? Does your team need to know how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator? What internal communications tools will they use?

  • Generating Leads

Your sales teams might be knowing how to close a deal but as an inside sales manager, it is important to know where the leads are coming from. Inside sales managers should be collaborating with the marketing team so that they know where their leads are coming from and what messages brought them in.

This whole process will help you to ensure that your team is getting quality leads, as well as help you estimate how many leads you’re going to need to land a client. That is why you need results-driving experienced companies like FunnL, whom you can trust and be confident that they are worth it. FunnL has been successfully generating sales qualified meetings with the help of their right approach as a part of its framework.

  • Key metrics and realistic sales goals

There’s nothing more demotivating for a sales team than not having a clear, specific goal to achieve. Start by looking at the number of leads in your funnel along with the value of those leads. Then review your close rate from the last few months and determine what you can expect in terms of new sales once the team is on board. Team building is therefore agreeably a very important aspect. To build an effective team, you will have to clearly define your mission objectives and goals so that the team understands what is needed of them.

Making sure that your team is equipped with what they need to succeed should be the priority of every inside sales manager. From pushing for the right sales tools to pushing for better leads, it’s your job to give your team an environment where they can thrive.

If you’re an inside sales manager looking for generating leads, FunnL will help you generate more qualified leads. With an experience of generating 10,000+ sales qualified meetings (SQMs), FunnL provides you with an all-in-one Inside Sales Platform that permits you to design, manage, measure, and optimize your inside sales campaigns. If you wish to increase your productivity and generate a higher number of sales qualified meetings contact us and book your appointment.


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