The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing in 2020


The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing in 2020

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing in 2020

The techniques used in B2B marketing are constantly evolving in today’s dynamic world of digital marketing. What approach you followed in 2018 won’t help you much in 2019, and 2019 techniques won’t have much impact in 2020. Hence, B2B task-force and decision-makers need to upgrade themselves regularly with advanced marketing techniques.

To help you phase through the latest trends, presenting the ultimate guide to B2B marketing in 2020 that will help you generate more leads in your sales pipeline and improve your business’s overall marketing process to increase its ROI.

Select the right target audience 

When it comes to the target audience for B2B marketing, the road gets a little bit narrow as not all businesses require the same product or service for their business operations. Therefore, it becomes important to perform research and target your buyer persona for the product or service that you offer.

Pick the right marketing channels 

There are many B2B marketing channels that you can use to connect with your target audience.

  • Email marketing– Emails are the most effective mode to communicate with a business prospect. Emails connect companies directly and help to create and maintain healthy business relations. You can regularly update companies about your latest business news and offers through emails and newsletters.
  • Content marketing– Nowadays, businesses perform thorough research on the companies they are dealing with, and that includes visiting your company’s website via Google search. If your website lacks good quality content, then chances are high that the prospect may turn to other  organizations for their business solutions. Therefore, creating informational and engaging content is crucial for your business. Well-written content is appreciated more than ads by the decision-makers in the business world.
  • Social media marketingWho doesn’t use social media these days? Even if you are running a business, it is relevant to have your profile created on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram because there is a possibility that your present followers might transform into your future customers. Through Social media, you can share your content with a larger section of the audience in a creative and fun way that, in turn, can enhance your brand’s credibility and result in more followers.
  • LinkedInAnother powerful B2B lead generation tool for organizations is LinkedIn, which provides a professional platform for businesses to connect. With the help of LinkedIn, companies can gather information on prospects, send connection requests and initiate business-related conversations.
  • SEO or search engine optimizationSEO helps your content become easily visible to your target audience. While writing content for your business website, it is highly advisable to follow SEO best practices so that your content is ranked higher in search engines. Composing SEO-friendly content is the essence of today’s digital marketing world.

Design your marketing campaign

A well-crafted marketing campaign can help you generate leads and convert them into customers. It includes in-depth research and proper planning to execute your sales goals. With a limited budget, it becomes difficult for many companies to market and advertise their products on a large scale. This is where you can take help from an expert like FunnL’s Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) generation platform, whose engagement models are flexible, efficient, and cost-saving and are designed according to each business-specific needs.

Partner with Experts

It takes a lot of effort, time, and cost to formulate and implement a successful B2B marketing strategy. And most of the time the strategy that is formed fails to generate the defined ROI. Also, since this process is time-consuming, many times companies don’t have enough resources to implement their marketing process, it is recommended to partner with experts. Specialized companies such as can help your company set up a powerful marketing strategy to generate leads in your sales pipeline, thereby increasing ROI.

The B2B marketing approach is slightly different from B2C marketing. In B2B marketing, your focus should be on the pain points of the business and how your product or service can help provide the required solution for those pain points. Organizations consider a lot of factors before buying any product or service, including the pricing strategy, ROI, company’s budget, and so on.

All these above strategies will help you prepare an effective marketing plan for your business prospects and eventually convert them into customers. If you want a sales campaign model that is flexible, efficient, and cost-saving and can help you close deals, we at, can offer you an intelligent B2B lead generation platform designed exclusively to suit your business requirements.


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