The Top 6 Data Enrichment Strategies for Business Growth

The practice of data enrichment is crucial in today’s expanding marketing environment. By incorporating and enhancing new data points into your database, you are raising awareness among your sales force. Therefore, businesses must adopt a strategic approach to enrich their data as it has the most potential for marketing and sales.

You may take your marketing plan to the next level with the appropriate data enrichment strategy. In this post, we have gathered a list of data enrichment techniques that may assist you in enriching your data and advancing more quickly toward your professional objectives.

1. One-time enrichment

Tradeshows and events are critical for every business-to-business operation. Marketers and dealers receive numerous leads due to these events; most of the time, these leads contain limited information. 

This leads to a lot of missing data when updating your CRM and marketing automation tools and makes it harder to engage your prospects in a personalized way.

So, it becomes crucial to instantly enrich the leads generated during tradeshows and other events, enabling segmentation and hyper-personalization of the newly appended CRM data. As a result, more personalized offers are presented at appropriate times based on what they might want instead of having one generic message sent out by default. 

2. Real-time inbound lead enrichment

Marketers receive excessive inbound leads from various channels, including blogs, webinars, social media, and many more. To get such leads quickly, they typically construct online forms with shorter fields asking for the minimum information from their prospects, such as name and email ID.

As a result, it becomes very challenging for them to sift their inbound leads. This may ultimately cause businesses to fail to understand their leads properly and might reduce their marketing efforts. 

It would be ideal to set up a real-time lead enrichment system to take advantage of the volume of leads. This allows you to segment these accounts into those ready for sales and those needing nurturing.

3. Data enrichment beyond firmographics

Due to the challenges of evaluating lead quality, many businesses have begun to prioritize lead volume. But going the easy road won’t help you manage a successful business. Your sales can suffer if you’re encouraging volume over others. 

To expand your sales funnel, remember that quality matters more than quantity. You can obtain qualified leads by enlarging your data and looking beyond firmographic data (revenue, industry, employee size) and firmographic data about prospects looking for solutions. Conversely, skipping a crucial piece of lead information can affect your sales prospecting process.

4. Data enrichment in the bulk provision

Many organizations continue to enrich their new and current data with the help of data enrichment technologies and third-party apps. Therefore, it’s crucial to store them. You can preserve your mass enriched data in your spreadsheets or business software. By doing this, you’ll be able to gather relevant information. 

If your data is continually enriched, there is a significant chance that your business will close more sales.

5. Account-based enrichment

Businesses can upgrade their account-based marketing by improving the account data of their prospects. Adding and enriching more information to the pertinent areas can help you quickly identify the accounts interested in your items. In addition, you can better understand your leads with account-based enrichment.

6. Utilize FunnL’s Inside Sales Platform to enrich data

FunnL offers a service for generating B2B sales leads with an Inside Sales Platform that assists you in gathering qualified leads quickly and at scale. Inside Sales Platform provides businesses with access to a collection of pre-screened leads based on your data about your ideal customer. 

With its cold calling and email marketing framework, Inside Sales Platform is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to reach your sales and business development goals effectively.

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