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The only eProcurement software in the world teams-up with FunnL to explore their business


E-Procurement solutions – An innovative “procure to pay solution” with real-time intelligence, supplier management & intuitive shopping capabilities for enterprises.

The campaign was designed to generate leads and sales appointments within various organizations targeting the BSFI, Healthcare/Pharma, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defense, Energy & utilities, Hospitality, ISV, Telecommunications, Media & entertainment and Real estate.



  • The campaign was run for 18 months.
  • FunnL successfully generated 185 leads.
  • Every lead generated had a directory list for further call/meet.
  • A detailed report on the campaign was provided, which helped the customer to make the market strategies.


  • Analytics report was shared with the customer based on the campaign responses which helped the customers in moderating the campaigns as per their business development strategies.
  • All the queries that resulted during the campaigning were shared with the customer which helped the customer to consult with the prospects in the specific domain.
  • The customer was also able to gauge the responses from the market which made it easier for them to upsell and cross-sell their services.
  • A healthy sales pipeline during the campaign cycle was developed for the sales team.
  • The context of the sales meeting was not only related to the customer solutions but about the kind of engagement and delivery model the prospects were looking for and they would want to engage with the customer.
  • The customer did not need to spend any extra buck on branding as the Personalized Email marketing served the purpose.

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