Welcome to FunnL: The Epitome of Technological Empowerment in B2B Lead Generation

FunnL stands as the pinnacle of tech-empowered B2B lead generation platforms. With human sales expertise enhanced by cutting-edge technology, we redefine the way businesses connect with potential clients.

FunnL by the Numbers

Current Reach



Stands out in a landscape populated by both automated/self-service offerings such as, Slintel, and Zoominfo, as well as numerous manual lead generation services and B2B contact databases like Hunter, Clearbit, Lusha, and UpLead.

The FunnL Edge

Our end-to-end platform is operated by seasoned professionals utilizing best-in-class technology, setting us apart as a unique full-service provider in the lead generation space.

Why Choose FunnL?

Time Efficiency

Quicker turn-around times thanks to our extensive database, streamlined processes, and advanced tech tools

Cost Savings

Enhanced efficiency leading to significant cost reductions


Robust system-based processes ensure campaign continuity, even amidst team changes

FunnL’s Tech and Data IPs

Data Collection and Monitoring Tools

Data Standardizations

Advanced ML models to map free text and non-standardized titles to FunnL standards, ensuring uniformity across data sets

Automated Emailing and Monitoring Tools

Sales Assistance Tools

Automated Billing and Payments

Automated Client Onboarding and Operations Workflow

At FunnL, we are not just a service; we are your partner in growth, ensuring that every step in your lead generation process is backed by the best of technology and the brightest of minds.

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Why is it more economical to hire us for B2B sales?

  • We do all the heavy lifting of the B2B Inside Sales Campaigns
  • All you need to do is to give us the campaign brief and define the parameters
  • You pay us only when an online meeting gets concluded

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Co-founder and CCO
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