Successful Tips to Transform Your Buyers Persona into Sales Qualified Leads

Successful Tips to Transform Your Buyers Persona into Sales Qualified Leads

Targeting your buyer persona and converting them into qualified leads is the main objective for inside sales reps, as only qualified leads advance to the top of the sales funnel, where they get transformed into paying customers. However, constantly changing technology, growing competition, and smart customers have made things a little challenging for B2B marketers. Getting leads is very important, but what is even more crucial is to set a successful sales process that converts those leads into buyers.

Introducing successful tips to transform your buyer persona into sales qualified leads.

  • Keep them informed

Educating your prospects about your products and services helps them to gain a clear perspective of how your offerings can help them in solving their pain points. This will provide the sales reps with a chance to convince their leads to take further steps in the sales process.

  • Touch base with them regularly

Following up and nurturing your prospects is a crucial step for transforming them into qualified leads as it helps the sales reps to form a trust factor with their clients that can be utilized to initiate the conversion process.

  • Be ahead of your contenders

With so many competitors targeting the same market, it becomes difficult to convince your prospective buyers to purchase your offerings. In such scenarios, make your clients understand the value of the services you are providing. Engage them with various communication tools to gain their attention and be well-informed to solve their doubts and queries. The more prepared you will be, the easier it will be to convince the client.

  • Never keep your lead waiting

No one likes to be kept waiting. Once you get a lead, you have to act upon it quickly, or else there are many fishes in the sea for your prospect. CRM softwares can help you maintain a track of your leads’ contact details so that no lead gets ignored during the sales process.

  • Convert MQLs into SQLs

A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is in the exploring stage of its buying journey that is not yet ready to make a purchase. MQLs can be transformed into SQLs (sales qualified leads) through proper nurturing and follow up. Also, distinguishing between the two helps you to communicate with them accordingly to accelerate the sales process.

  • Use data for sales process analysis

With the data analytics software, you can create dashboards to view which parts of your sales funnel are leaking leads and what you can do to optimize your sales process. Regularly update the dashboard to track your team’s progress and make it an integral part of your inbound sales team meetings to discuss ideas about converting leads in a sales funnel.

  • Leverage the power of communication

Inside sales are based entirely on how the sales representatives communicate with their prospects and what mode they choose to connect. Different leads need different approaches. If the lead is fresh and knows nothing about your company then it’s advisable to use formal tools such as emails, newsletters, webinars, etc. to build up the relationship and inform them about your products. Or if the lead is already aware of your products and services, then it’s better to call them or have a face to face meeting for further explanation.

Targeting the right prospects and converting them into paying customers is a time-consuming process that needs expert skills. At FunnL, we provide you with the best and fastest growing B2B sales qualified meeting generation. Our team is highly skilled and has experience in generating more than 10,000 sales-qualified meetings from various industries. We can help you maximize ROI through our top-scale B2B lead generation inside sales campaigns. Contact us to boost your brand value.


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