Strategies to optimize inside sales campaign

Inside sales campaigns refer to selling the product and services remotely. Over the past decade, inside sales campaigns have become a dominant sales model for B2B industries.

A lead follows various stages of an inside sales campaign to turn into your client. The journey from a lead to a client is termed as a sales funnel. The funnel is divided into 3 parts, top of the funnel (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU), and bottom of the funnel (BOFU). The funnel helps you to track and makes the process of following up the leads easy. 

There are 4 stages of the funnel:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action. 

The lead has to start from the top of the funnel and reach the bottom of the funnel covering these 4 stages before becoming a paying customer. You start by creating awareness of your brand highlighting your business. Once you create awareness about your brand, you have to focus on the next stage,” Interest”. Since the customer is aware of your brand and has developed some interest in your product or service, make sure to keep his interest stimulated. The third stage is termed as desire. This is where the process of conversion begins. Till this point, the customer was wanting a fix, but by now the client has chosen you as their fix. By keeping them curious and interested, you have given them the confidence to decide on you. In the Action stage, your call to action brings the client to act on their decision. This is the stage where conversion happens. The funnel has several customer relationship-building touches that happen in every stage. Optimizing inside sales campaigns is really important in order to generate more qualified leads, nurture leads, improve your performance and revenue. Here is an overview of strategies implemented by FunnL to optimize their inside sales campaign:

1. Optimize database

The database is the most essential asset for generating leads and FunnL being a successful B2B lead generating platform understands it. Thus, they know it is not only important to have a clean qualitative database but optimizing it plays an important role. Here are some suggestions to optimize your database that funnL follows:

Data quality: Making sure that all the fields are filled and information is accurate and up to date. It’s essential to merge data across marketing and sales platforms to avoid repetitiveness and make the process easy and smooth. Make sure your data is accurate, in-accuracy can lead to misdirecting campaigns. 

Indexing: Proper indexing will lead to faster accessing of databases. If you have overdone or not given any thought about indexing, the processing of data will be very slow. 

Data relevancy: Data relevancy needs to be taken care of with utmost caution. Relevant data is unassailable. It avoids any kind of argument with your approach. It will help you to create strong strategies. Relevant data is also very important for the optimization of other factors. You need to have the right data to optimize any other aspect of the campaign. Further, it will also quantify the purpose of your campaign.

2. Optimizing Emails

Email gives you a chance to build your relationships with customers. FunnL believes email marketing is an explicit way to increase qualified lead generation. You can speak directly with the leads, in their inbox and at the time that is feasible for them. In the inside sales campaigns, emails can help you to follow up with the leads and so it needs to be optimized as well. Here are some ways that FunnL uses to optimize their emails.

Short and crip subject line: The reason that the client will open your mail would be because of the impact due to the subject line. The subject should be informative and to the point giving the user a reason to click.

Personalize your emails: FunnL always believes that personalized emails spark and scale contextual interactions. Make your reader feel important. They know that emails are sent to masses, so make them feel that they are not just another name. When sending emails, try to personalize as much information as you can. This will help you big time towards keeping your audience engaged and encouraging a follow-through.

Segmenting of emails: Segment your email list into a smaller list depending on the client’s niche. This will help you to provide the customers’ group with updates and deals which are relevant for them. This will also make it easy for you to personalize the email in a better way.

Less text: Readers don’t want to spend a lot of time reading your mail. Reduce the text in your emails. After opening your email, readers would decide within just a few seconds whether to delete it or click through. Prefer cutting down long text and focus on calling the reader to action.

Attractive body copy: Rich body copy will serve as the means to convince, provide value, and set up a conversation Check out some tips to write the body copy.

  • Create interest
  • Align content with the goal
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Add multimedia

Visible call to action: CTA should be highly visible. Use high contrast color that stands out against the background. This will help to draw the reader’s attention towards the action you want them to take.

3. Boost lead conversion rate

You have to understand just increasing the number of leads is not enough. Various B2B lead generating platforms promise to generate leads, but there are some platforms like FunnL which always promises to generate sales qualified meetings, that is, they first make sure that the lead is qualified enough to turn into a prospective client and then proceed to sales qualified meetings. This makes the process time and cost efficient for the firm that hires lead generating agencies. To boost the conversion rate just increasing the number of leads is not enough. Quality of those leads and making sure you close the leads is the key aspect to boost the conversion rate. To increase your lead conversion rate, you need to improve your response time, constantly follow-up, standardizing conversations, and streamlining your internal sales process. 

4. Spot the holes

Some platforms like FunnL actively analyze the sales pipeline and prescribe the best actions. If you don’t mend these holes, they will lead to issues in nurturing, closing, or prospecting the clients. Depending on the size of your sales team, there are several tools you could use to monitor your pipeline. 

5. Evaluation

If you want to generate more qualified leads, you have to keep track and measure your sales campaign. Focus on identifying the KPI’s, using tools to input and update data and auditing data. Keeping track of happenings and sales will allow you to evaluate the progress of your campaigns. The biggest advantage FunnL’s client has is the FunnL platform that delivers best-practice insights and KPIs which is the cumulative result of multiple data sources and data points captured from the sales lead generation campaigns designed and executed exclusively. Talking about Analytics & Business Intelligence, FunnL suggests you about everything starting from actionable Data to meaningful decisions. Whether the campaigns have scored high or low in the reports, FunnL analytics evaluates them and brings in light the meaning behind those metrics.

6. Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is not about pitching your product directly, it’s about making the clients understand the value of your service, educating them, and giving knowledge about their decision making. Every company has different plans to nurture their leads. Platforms like FunnL also have a set of plans they keep in mind while nurturing their leads. To keep the leads nourished FunnL follows the following step to ensure successful lead generation:

  • Define the ideal customer and segment them
  • Offer value before pitching your product
  • Prepare a chart to organize the campaigns & implement goals
  • Set up a timeline for the emails. Don’t rush into the sales
  • Take advantage of testing & experimenting the campaigns

If you nurture and invest your time with the right prospects, you can build long term relationships which will not only result in revenue but enhance your credibility in the market. 

FunnL expertise in generating successful B2B sales qualified meetings. It is not easy to work as well as look into micro aspects in sales campaigns to generate leads. FunnL is a platform that brings together the entire business intelligence under one roof. They have served more than 100 customers in the UK, USA, and APAC. FunnL begins by understanding the needs and demands of your business. It not only plans and designs your campaign but also makes sure to measure and provide you with the right analytics so you can see your growth. 

In a nutshell, FunnL is a platform that provides an all-in-one Inside Sales Platform to design, manage, and measure the sales campaigns. Once the campaigns start running, FunnL team keeps a track of how your campaigns are performing and manage them by analyzing your sales pipeline and intelligently prescribing the best actions. It is the best and the fastest-growing platform to generate qualified B2B leads for you in the most cost-efficient manner saving you from all the hassles of creating and managing the campaigns. If your sales team needs any help to move the d needle on deals and generate high quality leads feel free to contact us.


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