Stats on Sales Enablement That Will Inspire You to Get Started

It failed!

What? Your effort!


Your sales team was supposed to enhance your B2B company’s growth but failed to touch the finish line. Moreover, you’re unable to understand why.


You might have tried everything, from effective branding techniques to personalized email marketing campaigns, yet something still doesn’t work. So what is one of the most ignored elements in this scenario?


An effective sales enablement program may be the answer to the question. It has the potential to make things right immediately. Of course, suitable sales enablement platforms are necessary, but again, check and follow the latest sales enablement statistics to be aware of the current B2B market.


Sales enablement statistics for B2B marketers


As a result of having reliable sales enablement platforms, before they begin a sales pitch, your sales reps are well-informed about the solution they are about to offer to potential prospects. To be better prepared, let’s look at some intriguing sales enablement data.

    1. Using statistics to measure the impact of sales enablement 

        • Sales enablement has a remarkable impact on businesses’ ability to increase sales; 76% of them report increases in sales of between 6% and 20%. (source)

          • Sales enablement solutions save the ramp time for the average sales hire by 24% and help salespeople get results sooner. (source)

            • Business buyers are 84% more inclined to purchase from sales representatives who understand their needs and objectives. Because of this, 87% of high-growth businesses reportedly approach sales using a value-based strategy. (source)

              • With sales enablement platforms or solutions, B2B firms see a 350% increase in content utilization, a 275% increase in conversions, and a 65% rise in seller revenue. (source)

                • Successful sales enablement programs increase team sales quota attainment by 32%, individual quota achievement by 24%, lead conversion rate by 23%, and growth by 25% for participating organizations. (source)

                  • According to 58% of users of the Sales Enablement platform, the platform is crucial to sales success. It indicates that when done right, sales enablement empowers salespeople and clients. (source)

                  2. Find out and fill the gaps using sales enablement stats

                      • Not every content is used simply because it exists. For example, 90% of B2B sellers don’t utilize sales content (source). Why so? The most frequent causes are the unavailability of content at the right time and in the correct format. If you’ve already found the gap, fill it immediately by curating different types of sales enablement content and inspire your sales reps to utilize the content appropriately.

                        • Only 8% of B2B organizations’ marketing and sales teams claim strong alignment (source). If your sales and marketing departments are not working together, you are not strategic and goal-oriented. Hence, to receive long-term value, take actions for promoting and facilitating the alignment.

                        3. Statistics to explore the activities of successful B2B marketers

                            • A study of more than 100 B2B companies found that 75% of businesses have refocused their sales strategies, 70% have entered new markets, and 82% have launched new products or services in the last 12 months. (source)

                              • 65% of B2B firms see sales productivity as their top obstacle. Operations, marketing, and sales are seamlessly connected by software that makes it simple to access a sales enablement plan and resources. (source)

                                • In 2020, Gartner estimated sales representatives have approximately 5% of a customer’s time during their B2B buying journey. In the future, 80% of sales interaction between suppliers and buyers will occur online. (source)

                              This post wasn’t intended to demonstrate the most thorough and authoritative analysis of sales enablement. Instead, its goal is to inform you about the usage, advantages, and improvements of sales enablement using the latest facts and figures. Learning the current market trends and information benefits your sellers and, as a result, your business.


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