Sources of MQL for B2B Marketers

[Banner] Sources of MQL for B2B marketers

Setting precise MQL criteria ensures that your sales team receives only the highest-quality leads and also these MQL play a vital role in your business. Setting these criteria is also beneficial because it allows marketing in determining which types of marketing materials, content, and offers would perform best among your target demographic. To put it another way, implementing solid MQL criteria benefits both marketing and sales.

Marketing has several possible interfaces and strategies to generate leads for B2B, and target audience before anyone else at your business, whether through content offers, social posts, virtual or in-person events, site pages, webinars, emails, blog posts, subscriptions, podcasts, or ads.

The resulting data is critical for your business and its sales performance. It is how your marketing team can sort through all of those leads and pick the highest-quality leads based on your business requirements. After that, sales teams can conduct their qualification process and select the topmost prospects from the MQL list.

This saves time and effort and ensures that your marketing and sales teams are on the same page about who your buyer personas are, what type of marketing material attracts the relevant prospects.

Sources of MQL for B2B Marketers

  • Search marketing

Generating leads from  PPC is becoming less effective nowadays instead of B2B business targeting only those businesses who are more likely to buy their product and service. This way of generating leads is expensive and sometimes puts you in financial trouble.  Companies like Hubspot have sorted out that while most of their competitors are advancing ‘sales focus’ advertisements using AdWords, they’ve taken a different approach and promote using research ‘focused’ ads. 

For example, looking up “Digital Marketing” in Google provides the following results:

The top two results in SERPs tend to sell the course directly to the visitor while HubSpot understands that this search query is not ready to buy anything now. Instead, they first educate visitors about digital marketing then they offer a  free demo and guide.

Once the visitor fills up the registration form for a free demo then the visitor becomes MQL for Hubspot. and their rivals have lost the chance to transform the visitor into a lead since they were pushing for the instant deal.

  • Social media

The success of social media in generating B2B leads has always been a big question mark. There have been several ‘studies’ that demonstrate how ineffectual it is and some demonstrate how effective it is. Which is the most successful online lead generation channel? It’s a crucial question.

The truth is in the way B2B businesses use their social media platform. Companies that routinely post self-promotional content will not survive long. On the other hand, Companies that generate the traffic by both organic feed and sponsored ads to their public pages will generate a lot more leads. And it also depends on what social media platform suits your business nature best and how you will utilize it.

For example, LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform amongst others platforms for getting your content in front of a highly relevant audience, Linkedin provides demographic options like Facebook but with a relevant audience. You can filter by company, industry, job function, location, age, interests, and even seniority. 79% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be an effective source of B2B MQL leads.

  • Inside sales

Without the support of inside sales, no qualified lead can become a customer — they are your front-line personnel and are typically the first to speak directly to a lead.

Inside sales are where representatives interact with customers remotely based on their contact information and try to convince them to purchase and convert them into potential customers. Inside sales is a vital component of qualified lead creation and ensuring that all of your marketing efforts pay off in the end.

For businesses to stay sustainable, remote marketing and sales tactics are critical. B2B companies will investigate qualified lead generation through inside sales for some reasons:  relevance and effortlessness.

According to a recent survey, 80% of marketers consider that software automation creates more qualified leads and lead generation is the top difficulty for 61% of marketers. There is one major issue: lead quality is deteriorating at the start phase of the sales cycle, which leads to low quality leads down the funnel.

If marketers fill the funnel with low-quality leads at the top, their nurturing efforts will be ineffective in boosting lead generation. Sales teams will lack the knowledge required to effectively drive conversion if leads are not engaged.

Marketing qualified leads is vital for your business to perform more sales and generating MQL for business is not a straightforward process as it seems to be for the marketing team. This is where FunnL comes in! With highly skilled professionals and 25,000+ successful qualified meetings in our repertoire, FunnL is a global pioneer in B2B lead generation and qualification services. Our team is eager to assist you in gaining a competitive advantage in your industry. Contact us today for inquiries.


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