Unlocking The Secret To Identifying Industries and Key Decision-Makers

How to find decision makers in a b2b company


Do you find identifying viable industries and important decision-makers to market your products or services difficult? Businesses of all sizes experience frustrations finding prospects and need help knowing where to start. 


In this blog post, let’s solve the B2B dilemma by discussing the step-by-step challenges faced in accurately identifying industries and finding contacts of key decision-makers.


Prospecting Challenges Faced by B2B Businesses


Prospecting requires deep research of relevant industries, building relationships with key decision-makers, and nurturing lasting partnerships to stay ahead of the competition. 


Here are some common prospecting challenges:


1. Whom to sell: Industry Search


Researching market trends, building buyer personas, and networking with other businesses to find leads are all essential tasks a successful business undertakes when prospecting.


Hunting for the right leads is an intensely time-consuming process, and when you don’t know which industries you need to target to sell your product or service, it becomes even more complex. 


2. Whom to reach: Company search


The next step is to find out which companies will most likely need your service or product.


This can be achieved through several strategies, such as a combination of data mining and market intelligence, to understand current trends in the industry and what companies are looking for.


Understanding prospects and their need for your product becomes difficult when locating target companies within a chosen industry. 


3. Know your potential prospect: Department Search.


Once you’ve identified the companies you wish to target with your pitch, it becomes challenging to determine which departments within those organizations are ideal prospects.


Though performing manual research and gathering insight into the business’ organizational structure can align you and provide insight into who you should target with your pitch – it is still a tedious process.


4. Know the title: Decision-Makers


When you’ve finally identified the departments that could benefit from your product or service, the next challenge is locating the key decision-makers holding the titles to authorize the purchase.


Knowing which positions directly influence purchase decisions and who currently holds those titles is essential to closing deals. Though many companies keep corporate directories with contact information available, they may not have the most up-to-date information.


5. Fetching valid contact details


Knowing the relevant decision-maker and managing to establish contact is only one-half of a marketing plan. 


To make initial steps and find someone who wants to buy your product or service, you need to get their valid contact information to start talking with them. 


Ensuring that you have the exact contact details means the contacts are updated with all the recent details of the decision-makers. 


And this is the final hurdle many businesses face. 


So, having seen the common issues with B2B clients in prospecting, let’s now solve these challenges with an AI tool.


Unlocking the secret with FunnL’s AI prospector tool


For businesses looking for the best solutions for their lead-generation campaigns, FunnL is a standout choice. Here is how it solves the above challenges:

  • FunnL offers a comprehensive industry analysis using the names of just three of your ideal clients to whom you wish to sell your product or service.
  • After you figure out which industries you want to work with, FunnL’s AI prospector tool helps you find the right companies for your services. Then, it enables you to pick the best ones that fit your needs. 
  • Further, it rewards you with 50 free prospects with valid contact details from its campaign-driven database, leaving no time wasted manually.

With FunnL, you can confidently identify companies and decision-makers that match your ideal buyer persona in just a few clicks. So, why wait? Get started now and build profitable B2B relationships that work!


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