Simple Ways to Generate More MQLs for Your Business

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Identifying your MQLs ensures that marketing and sales teams do not waste their time and energy on prospects who never turn into actual customers.

MQLs are crucial to the create a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) between the marketing and sales teams. A great alignment allows for a feedback loop to be established between the marketing and sales teams.

MQLs help content marketers by letting them know who they should target with their content, which increases the ROI of lead nurturing initiatives. The key to business success is knowing which leads can generate the opportunities. 

With MQL making this information more accessible, businesses will be able to fine-tune their marketing and sales priorities accordingly.

Generating more MQLs for your business

Make content appealing

You should find out what your target audience’s biggest problems are by researching.  A content marketing agency can use this information and help you come up with enticing content that captures their attention.

Content is the lifeblood of any business. When your audience is looking for solutions to a problem, you must be ready with high-quality content. And moving them further down towards conversion.

Incentives at the top-of-the-funnel

If you want to maximize your prospects’ interest and get their contact information, offering them something valuable at the top of each funnel is a good way to get the attention of your audience. 

Narrowly focus on one major pain point for this incentive like an opt-in form or free report download page, to make sure that it’s always there when they look around your site. This call-to-action should be used throughout all blog posts as well as social outreach to people.

Nurture and follow up

The key to a successful lead generation campaign is establishing relationships with your prospects. As the lead becomes engaged with your organization, you can nurture them or offer more information about what’s available for purchase so that the flow of conversion continues.

Leverage your successful customers

Better yet, find out which of your most successful customers are in the same position as prospects. Interview them and see what they did to achieve success with your product or service. 

Develop case studies based on these results so that you can share them among leads at various stages during their journey towards conversion. Reading about other people’s successes might push someone over into a positive mindset where they’re ready to buy now too.

Refine your funnel and calls to action

Be sure to review each stage of your funnel, as well as what buyers go through on their journey. Use data analysis to find out which content or events will be most likely convert leads into customers with high closing rates and thus make necessary adjustments as required. 

And try different call-to-action variations that focus specifically on value, which will ensure more effective conversion rates. When visitors see a compelling call to action, they are motivated to click on it, and it sticks in their minds even after being moved from the landing page.

Intercept leads

You won’t want to miss potential customers, so make sure Your leads can navigate through the conversion process on your website. The use of chat integration on your website can qualify leads well in advance and remove the barriers they may face once on your site by just chatting with them.

Utilize more videos

To improve engagement throughout the funnel by using more visual content, like videos. A video is worth more than a thousand words. A short-run video can convey a lot more information than long ones. Up to 80% of consumers who view video content on landing pages are more likely to convert (source).

We all know that generating more MQLs for your business is vital. But Where to begin? The answer is the FunnL. FunnL is a leading provider of B2B lead generation services and with over 25,000 successful qualified meetings in our portfolio. We take the hassle out of finding quality leads for your business. We are here to help you boost your business’ sales today. Contact us to know more.


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