Seven Things That Set Apart Top Sales Performers From Others

Sales is a challenging field with no guarantees. It’s a high-pressure industry where only the strongest thrive. But for those who are up for the challenge, the rewards are extraordinary.


There are some top performers in every organization who are creative and close even the tough deals, easily separating themselves from the rest. Some may have a natural talent or an outgoing personality, but what about the others? What separates them from the crowd? What are they doing that puts them on top? 


There are a few things in common:

  • A never-ending strive to be the best. 
  • They don’t back down from a challenge and always look for ways to push themselves. 
  • Their hunger for success. 

However, there are also some things that these high achievers do differently to stay ahead of the competition. Here are seven things that top sales performers do differently:


1. Passion towards the product they sell


Most people mistakenly believe that the key to success is all about selling products. But, success is built on product knowledge. 


Top performers stay passionate about their products and take the time to learn everything about them. Having complete knowledge and how it can improve customers’ productivity, not only financially but also in reducing stress and effort, make customers genuinely believe in the product. 


As a result, they make a purchase. So if you want to be successful, stay passionate and have complete product knowledge, it’ll make all the difference.


2. Being “buyer-centric”


Putting the buyer first is more important in today’s competitive marketplace than ever. Top performers know this, and most are “buyer-centric” by adhering to five principles: 

  • Active listening
  • Being transparent
  • Solving problems rather than selling
  • Keeping up promises
  • Earning trust.

A survey taken among salespeople states that almost 81% of the top performers select the option “always” to the question, “How often are you “buyer-centric”?.[source]


Finally, by taking the time to understand the buyer’s needs truly and finding a way to meet those needs, top performers close more deals than others.


3. Knowing the “value of time”


Being punctual is incredibly important in the world of sales. It is a sign of professionalism and shows that you are reliable and trustworthy. When meeting with a customer, a salesperson represents themselves and the company as a whole.


Top performers know this and make sure to be punctual for all their customer meetings, in-house forecasting calls, and appointments with customers from different time zones showing respect for both the customer and the company. By making it a priority, they set themselves apart. 


4. Active listening and observation skills


In today’s business world, people skills are more critical than ever. No matter what industry you’re in, effectively communicating with others is essential to success. It is especially true in sales, where top performers know that active listening is more necessary than passive listening.


In addition, they pay attention to the customer’s body language and tone of voice, which gives them a better understanding of the customer’s needs. It helps them to know when to talk and when to listen. It also helps them understand how much information to share to establish trust and security between them and close more deals.  


5. Being calm and self-motivated


Staying calm under pressure is a vital skill for any sales professional. In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to let emotions take over and make rash decisions. However, the best salespeople know how to keep calm and think even in the most chaotic situations. 


In addition, they’re self-motivated and driven to succeed, understanding their responsibility. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate guidance and support. They, too, need a strong leader to help them reach their full potential. This balance of independence and interdependence makes them an asset to any organization.


6. Friendly at the workplace


Top performers know the sale doesn’t stop when the customer signs on the dotted line. They also know that complications and issues arise, and to keep a customer happy, they need to resolve any problems that come up as quickly as possible. 


So, they maintain good relationships with their co-workers on other teams and have the backing of upper management, who can provide guidance and assistance when needed. 


As a result, when issues arise, they have a team of people behind them who are ready and willing to help. This level of support they have is a secret weapon to stay on top.


7. The hunger


At last, top sales performers don’t just sit back and wait for business to come to them nor rely on the business they’ve already acquired. Instead, they seek new connections and ways to explore with existing customers.


Top sales performers are also continuous learners. They’re always open to feedback and willing to learn new things, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zone. And when they face rejection, they don’t let it discourage them. Instead, it only makes them more determined to succeed.



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Becoming a top-performing sales rep is not easy, but it is possible. With the right mindset, attributes, and behaviors, and with coaching and development to learn and adopt these seven essential points, you can become a top performer too.


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