Selling Video Production Services To Decision Makers: How To Do It Effectively


In an age defined by streaming services, TikTok dances, and beautifully crafted Instagram stories, it’s no wonder that online video viewership is at an all-time high.


The year 2020 marked a monumental success for the video production industry, with key demographics in the US reaching a record 244.4 million viewers! [source


This impressive achievement was fueled primarily by new selling video production services to savvy decision-makers who wanted to improve their marketing plans.


So, do you have a video production business ready to launch and start selling to decision-makers? With the right approach and understanding of who you’re targeting, sales prospecting becomes crucial to creating an effective sales strategy that will make even the most demanding decision-maker drool over your creative portfolio. Learn how to master the art of sales prospecting with and discover the techniques that will elevate your video production business to new heights of success.


6 Effective Ways to Video Production Services


Here are some tips on how to effectively sell video production services. So get ready to close those deals!


  • Showcase yourself as an expert in your field

I’m sure you’ve heard that creative genius isn’t always showy, and we couldn’t agree more — telling a story is the best way to showcase yourself as an expert in your field. But showing, not telling, is the key to telling your decision-maker what you can do in the form of stories that come alive and make them hunger for more.


Through anecdotes, share your award-winning design portfolio with them and prove that you have a multi-disciplinary approach with references from existing projects, highlight collaboration awards, and use passion as evidence of excellence.


When you tap into creativity, your message won’t just stand out – it’ll become unforgettable!


  • Understand clients from their shoes

You must go the extra mile to reach and understand your decision-maker effectively. This doesn’t just mean serving them with great videos and service, although that’s important too.


But understanding their needs and wants on an individual basis is also essential. One of the best ways to do this is by asking yourself critical questions about each client.


  • Things like which social media platform do they use the most? 
  • What type of content speaks to them? 
  • Who are their rivals? 
  • What challenges would they face, and how would they overcome them?

Knowing this helps you develop a buyer persona that accurately reflects individual tastes and preferences. Research pays off in the end – it enables you to deliver tailored solutions and makes clients feel respected and valued.


  • Position yourself as a partner dedicated to helping them

Presenting your services clearly and concisely is essential for showing potential clients the value you offer. Positioning yourself as an investment, not simply a cost, helps to demonstrate to the client that you understand the big picture and are focused on providing meaningful solutions.


Rather than focusing solely on your solution, it is important to put extra effort into understanding the client’s problem first. This will help you provide them with the best possible solution and make their decision-making easier.


By conveying the benefit of your services directly rather than making clients work to comprehend them, you position yourself as a partner dedicated to helping them find the most suitable solution for their needs.


  • Build good rapport with key decision-makers

A good rapport with key decision-makers is essential to maintaining a successful sales process. Often, the sales process can take months, and there is usually a lead time of at least 30 days between when you start your lead-generation efforts and the closing of the sale.


It’s essential to stay in regular contact with your contacts and not let them slip through the cracks, as this will communicate that your prospect isn’t significant enough to warrant your attention.


You can stay on top of your CRM and use other outreach tools to ensure you regularly touch base with your right prospects. Doing so will show them that they are a top priority for you and your business.


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  • Complete selling with a good impression

Selling with a great impression is the key to closing clear, fruitful deals for both sides of the table. To create effective relationships that last over multiple projects, it’s essential to be a giver. 


Research from Grant has proven that giving salespeople bring in up to 50% more revenue than others.[source] Therefore, sacrificing short-term gains for long-term advantages can genuinely pay off in the end!


  • Nail your promises with supporting materials

People don’t buy from brands, but from those they can trust. So the best way to establish yourself as a dependable source is by engaging in regular conversation, which offers valuable resources and helpful advice to nurture your leads after closing the deal. 


A case study can be the perfect tool for pitching your promises to potential clients and showing them why they should work with you. Providing details of previous projects and explaining your choices during production will demonstrate that you have the know-how to create a fantastic result they can be proud of.


So showcase your best works via case studies and prove why video production services from your company are top-notch. Also, ensure you’re visible on all relevant platforms, so your target audience knows exactly where to find you. 


With a little effort and dedication put into building relationships, you’ll soon find that your efforts are increasingly paying off!


As the demand for video services continues to grow, video production companies need to understand how to sell their services effectively. By understanding the needs and concerns of decision-makers, video production companies can create targeted sales pitches that address those specific pain points. 


With some research and planning, your video production company can land more clients and produce more successful projects.


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