Sales tools you need to empower your sales team

We all have noticed that today’s modern sales team is somewhat different from what we had ten years ago. While the successful salesperson may still be identified by their intense ambition, gracious perseverance, and a firm handshake, their sales toolbox has evolved significantly.

The modern salesperson relies on digital processes and software applications to find success at every point. From lead discovery to closing deals, high- volume sales, automation has become the secret recipe to success. It helps the business in increasing sales and updates the data and also frees up time to spend more on valuable tasks. 

Businesses and potential customers are expecting today’s sales professionals to understand their needs and connect with them on a more significant level. Sales tools can help with this by providing automated solutions to pull together your people, your processes, and data all in one place.

What are Sales tools?

As the name would quite suggest, these are tools that your sales process and representative need.

1- Sales Prospecting Tools

Did you know that over 47% of sales raps admit they have a hard time finding prospects? A prospect is a lead that is more likely to buy your product than other leads. Since these people are more relevant for your business and revenue gain, you need tools, which could help you find them. Sales prospecting tools analyze a company’s and a consumer’s data to find a perfect match. They would go through your contacts’ details beyond just emails and phone numbers, they would narrow down on their purchase style, buying capacity, etc. to help you discover more fruitful leads.

2- CRM Tools

A Customer Relationship Management or CRM tool would help you manage your relationships with not just your customers but also your leads. Over 64% of sales professionals reported that they are using CRM tools, according to a 2018 research. Depending on the size of your sales team, you can pick a suitable CRM for your business.

CRM is also beneficial because you would be able to send automated emails, track progress, keep reminders, view reports, and get an all-rounded feel of where your business rocks and lacks.

3- Sales Analytic Tools

You have to make sure that your sales reps are competitive enough but at the same time, you need to measure so many things like:-

  1. Their performance and goals
  2. Previous Marketing campaigns
  3. Monthly and Weekly diagnosis

You need these answers to formulate better strategies in the future, and for this very purpose, you have sales analytical tools. These software run checkups on your business and let you know where everything stands.

4- Sales Automation Tools

There are various stages to a sales process, and the more the stages, the more manual labour you need. Right? Not with a sales acceleration tool! This software would help you automate most of your manual repetitive non-productive tasks so that your sales reps can focus on what needs their energy more.

5- Sales Enablement Tools

Your sales reps would be far more productive and helpful if they knew they were up against someone. You could use sales enablement platforms to keep a live scorecard and rank tally for your sales reps. This platform works in sync with your other tools as it makes a note of every new sale registered. When your sales reps can see how they are faring well against the other sales reps, they will naturally come to work more charged and ready to win the day.

Why Do Salespeople Need Sales tools?

1- Understand your business effortlessly

You may need a more objective and accurate viewpoint while looking at how your business has been performing. Good analytical tools will give you that. From repeat sales to bounce rates to new launches to old customers, track everyone, and everything. Get reports that genuinely make sense for your business, and results that can help you strengthen your positioning.

2- Everyone is on the same page

When you think of a sales tool, do not think of a platform to be used individually, instead think of a sales team software. With a control system for everyone to log their details and track performance, a sales tool becomes a hassle-free collaboration tool as well.

3- Safe Space

Making sales is a process that involves a lot of communication. Your clients may send their documents; you may send your contracts. With so much back and forth happening, it gets hectic for you to manage your documents without losing them. A lost document is a huge missing piece in the puzzle of sales and may even lead your prospect to distrust you.

Thus, with the best sales tools, you also get the reach for saving your documents and sharing them in a safe way as and when you need them. Most sales tools now offer cloud storage too. Furthermore, you could get digital signature enabled contracts that keep everyone on the same page.

4- Save time

When you use the right kind of technology, you can save most of your time which had been going in non-important jobs. For instance, every time a deal is closed, a sales rep has to sit down and write a mail hand to hand and it just takes 10 minutes, however, multiply that with all the deals you’ll close, you get days of wasted time and resources. With sales automation tools, things like these can be left for the machine to do, while your people do important activities.

5- Personal Assistant

A sales tool becomes your assistant reminding you of deadlines, meetings, and helping you stay punctual. Tools like CRM will provide you with your day-to-day communication with your leads. This quality makes a sales tool a useful investment. While it may sound a bit too expensive for the first trial, it saves you a lot of money on hiring costs. You may not require as many salespeople as you have now when you get an efficient sales regulating tool.

Moreover, if time is money, you need a sales tool right away! Your sales process can be time-taking, but the right software will help you save time in a lengthy sales process too. The right sales tools will help improve your team’s attainment and overall performance. Find the parts of your sales cycle that need attention, carefully assess which tools best fit your needs, and build an integrated tech stack that’ll fuel faster growth.

Want help in Sales?

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