Sales Qualified Meetings vs Warm Leads

Sales Qualified Meetings vs Warm Leads

Designing an inside sales campaign is a primary task of a salesforce that ultimately leads to the scheduling of sales qualified meetings where the prospect is ready to close a business deal. It takes in-depth research and assessment by the sales team to turn a prospect into a qualified lead. More sales qualified meetings result in increased leads for the organization.

On the contrary, warm leads are those prospective clients who have shown interest in your company in the past by filling up a form, visiting your website, or signing up for a newsletter. However, they may or may not turn into actual clients. 

SQMs Vs Warms leads- what makes them apart?

Sales Qualified Meetings (or SQMs) are more preferred for a business as compared to warm leads as it is more likely to close a deal with your company. These types of leads require proper guidance and nurturing from the sales team to take them a step further towards closing a deal. 

SQMs are a certainty that the deal is likely to be closed soon, whereas warm leads are plain leads who already know about your business, however, it’s unsure if they want to collaborate with your firm. A Sales Qualified Meeting (SQM) is the result of an inside sales team’s efforts towards understanding the target audience and providing solutions to business pain points and, therefore, it is considered a sure shot plan for conversion. 

Today, the top decision-makers and business development professionals prefer connecting with companies who specialize in inside sales because it leverages the use of technology and human intelligence while working towards generating revenue for the business. 

Generating SQMs through inside sales requires constant efforts and research along with the latest technology to execute the task of targeting the buyer persona and engaging the prospects regularly with the latest offers and business updates. Not just that, it is important to communicate with the prospects and keep them well informed through virtual meetings and online demos to create a trustworthy bond. A sales qualified sales meeting can also help in the conversion of warm leads. Therefore, it is essential to have a dedicated and well-trained sales force for your inside sales department.

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