Sales Development

Transform your sales process with FunnL’s end-to-end sales development services. Our systematic methodology focused on lead gen, outreach, nurturing and more streamlines growth.

FunnL's Sales Development Involves

Lead Generation

We identify and capture leads across multiple sources using ads, gated content, events, referrals and more. This expansive outreach delivers high volumes of potential contacts for further progression.

Outreach Email Campaigns

Leveraging insights from our 400+ member team, we compose tailored outreach emails and personalized messaging to connect with specific prospects. Our experts drive engagement through relevant value propositions. 

Email Campaign Sequences & Follow-Ups

We set up automated drips and workflows to nurture leads based on triggers and timelines. With persistent yet unobtrusive follow-ups, we accelerate movement through sales funnel stages via email.

Lead Qualification & Nurturing

Our lead qualification methodology assesses parameters like demographics, technographics and intent signals to score prospects. High-potential contacts are then nurtured via content and communications to sales readiness.

Appointment Setting

As our nurturing campaigns mature prospects, our experts set up sales qualified meetings and calls between key contacts and your sales team for timely hand-offs.

Deal Closure

We provide collateral including proposals, presentations and more to empower your team during closures. With FunnL handling the heavy-lifting through the pipeline, your team can focus on sealing the deal.

In summary, FunnL’s sales development process entails:

With each element building on the previous, our methodology delivers a steady stream of qualified, sales-ready leads to boost conversions and revenue. Streamline your sales process now with FunnL.

Why is it more economical to hire us for B2B sales?

  • We do all the heavy lifting of the B2B Inside Sales Campaigns
  • All you need to do is to give us the campaign brief and define the parameters
  • You pay us only when an online meeting gets concluded

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