Revenue generation with a successful B2B sales lead generation model

B2B sales lead generation

Generally, an increase in your revenue is directly proportional to the volume of your warm leads. For instance, if you can increase your volume of leads by 5% and the average quality of your leads doesn’t fall you’ll make 5% more revenue. It’s easy and effective. Lead generation is the most essential aspect of B2B businesses. No business can survive without having a clear model of generating sales qualified leads. And It is recommended to hire a successful lead generation firm.

Companies that use optimized lead gen models have more chances to increase their conversion rate, resulting in more of the leads being turned into revenue faster. To keep your sales funnel full, outsourcing B2B sales lead generation is the right call. But there are some qualities you need to consider before choosing a successful lead generation model. 

Qualities of a successful B2B lead generation models

Targeted Database

Data acts like an engine that drives lead generation campaigns. With data-driven marketing activities, quality data has become more decisive for success. According to a new study by Dun & Bradstreet, 89% of respondents believe data quality drives the right B2B sales and marketing campaigns.

Proven Model

Research about the total number of leads generated from the respective lead generation models. This will help you to get an idea about the probability of success rate. The proven sales model would offer high conversion leading to higher revenue.
These are some of the most popular sales models:

  • The Challenger Sale: This model was originated after the release of a book authored by CEB’s Matthew Dixon. As per this model you use the “teach-tailor-take” tactic to close a deal.
  • Command of the Sale: Conceptualized by GrowthPlay, the idea at the core of this model is that you should customize your company’s sales enablement activities and tools based on solutions that are already in place.
  • Conceptual Selling: This model was conceptualized by Stephen Heiman and Robert Miller. In this model, a seller convinces a buyer to purchase a concept rather than the product.
  • Consultative Selling: As per this model, customers purchase because they “trust” the seller and expect the claimed benefits and results to be realized.
  • Customer-Centric Selling: As the name suggests, this model is all about the customer’s challenges, goals, and convenience.
  • Inbound Selling: This model is an advanced one. It uses an inside selling platform. Instead of directly pushing sales to their prospects, the inbound selling model attracts customers by setting up opportunities to reach the customer where customers can actively engage.

Inbound sales are the best sales model at this time. It is more matured to compliment the developed internet. You use data and analytics to personalize your messaging to push customers towards your desired call of action. You engage with the customers through warm calls, personalized emails, virtual meetings, and many other ways. This model is the most fruitful and effective model to generate sales leads.

Here are some of the advantages of this model:

  • Enables you to react quickly and effectively towards customers demands.
  • Helps you to design your content marketing strategies around the researched data.
  • Increases the number of contacts per day
  • Transparency: Lead generation models that offer transparency makes it easy to understand what is being executed are what are the results. It gives you an insight into whether it is working for you or not.
  • Project planning and tracking tools: You should be relieved from all the hassles of lead generation. Starting from planning, execution to showing the results should be the part of the lead-generating model. Make sure they use the right tools for managing and monitoring the results.
  • Methodology: Different models use different methods to generate leads. Some of these methods include personalized email campaigns, quality database collection, and lead nurturing. It is best to choose a model operating on the highest level in terms of their ability to produce leads with particularity and validation directly from prospects.

How is FunnL’s B2B sales qualified meeting (SQM) generation model most efficient

FunnL is an all-in-one inside sales platform that designs, manages, and measures  B2B Sales Qualified Meeting (SQM) generation campaigns. FunnL was established in 2013. FunnL consistently delivers sales qualified meetings for clients and the team’s skills and expertise has played a pivotal role in its growth. The FunnL team has an experience of generating more than 10,000 sales-qualified meetings and their customers have closed deals worth millions of dollars from those leads. 

FunnL not only set up the inside sales campaign but also provides daily tracking of the activity, scheduling sales meetings, sharing the inputs and feedback on every completed meeting, customizing the reports, and deriving deep analysis and insights with all the KPIs executives and sales leaders needs. It acts as the most transparent operating system for your sales team. FunnL’s method includes personalized email marketing, lead nurturing, quality database to generate B2B sales qualified meetings. 

FunnL’s SQM generation model comprises a quality database, experience, strategy, transparency, optimized methodology, and trustable tools. Generating a large number of sales qualified meetings helps you to close more leads and as an impact your revenue increases. Not only this, hiring lead generation platforms like FunnL eliminates wasting of time, and effort, and increases your productivity making the process of lead generation hassle-free for you. It makes sure to connect with the right people with effective prospecting methods. 

Successful B2B sales generation models make sure to connect with the right people with effective prospecting methods.  B2B sales lead generation models have evolved and reflected changes in expectations. Search for quantity leads has shifted to a more selective quest of quality leads that ultimately translates to the company’s revenue. Contact us today to learn more about how FunnL’s business model can successfully generate B2B sales qualified leads and help you to convert them into your clients, leading to an increase in your revenue.


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