Personalized email marketing: to spark and scale contextual interactions

Brands are all about storytelling! It is a known fact that the brands are creating impact and engagement through storytelling. Therefore, it goes without saying that storytelling and email marketing go hand-in-hand. This is mainly because both aim at audience’s attention. At the same time, business e-mails are no fairy/folk tales, it is a powerful technique. It is direct and more like a relationship-building instrument. As an instrument for building the relationship, emails should concentrate on putting customers in the lead role.
Now to spread the story far & wide and to essentially spark & scale interactions the communication activity should be capable of inviting the prospect to make contact (ie, a ‘response’).
“Personalized e-mail marketing” is the here to rescue.As stated by Wunderman, direct marketing is only effective when certain conditions are met. Unfortunately, it is proving to be Achilles heels for most of the B2B marketers.  Below are few tips on Personalized e-mail marketing framework.

Act upon customer’s context.

Smart Targeting
Copious email delivery is no big deal and they are simply forwarded to n-number of pre-listed recipient, which does not serve the purpose. Sent personalized e-mails as if I would send it to you. Moreover, it helps in targeting the right customer for right product/service.
Conversion Rate
Engagement is vital for any sales activity; let it be positive or negative. By the right amount personalization, the chances of recipients ignoring the email are low.
Leverage Decision Space
Even before the first sales contact, personalization can drive purchase decision to a greater extent. Personalization makes the recipient feels more related to the message and this inspires the prospect to know more about your product/service offerings
Global Outreach
Personalized e-mail marketing is an effective marketing channel with high potential to global reach. This channel guarantees immediate Return on Investment (ROI). The effectiveness of market campaigns can be easily traced and customized.
Sales Follow-up
Personalize your sales follow up too. Based on your prospects intent, plan for a contact; be a meeting or call.
Documenting the strategy is as important as its formation. Documentation on a long run will hold your B2B marketing team on similar grounds and in turn will create an edge over others. B2B marketers reap better results from their tactics when well documented. Well-drafted documentation plan will boost your company’s identity.


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