Personalize Your Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns: 4 Ways To Do It

Cross-channel marketing is an approach that focuses on creating a consistent client experience regardless of how they connect with your company across marketing channels. Cross-channel marketing enables companies to reach consumers by integrating their approach across various platforms and channels. The end effect is increased brand exposure, improved user experiences, and more engagement.


It allows you to follow your consumers on their journey. It helps your marketing team stay with them at every step, sending targeted marketing messages depending on how they’ve previously connected with your brand. Here are four ways in which you can personalize your cross-channel marketing campaigns.


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Category preference 


Most marketing teams target people who have already bought or viewed the product, but identifying consumers with a particular fondness for the product can significantly increase performance in email, digital, and display advertising.


Regarding interaction and attributable income, targeting clients based on their category preferences may significantly impact them. Especially if you’re introducing a new product, promoting a specific product category, or conducting any other product-specific campaign. Category preference data can also reveal fresh target keyword opportunities on channels such as Google AdWords and assist in determining an acceptable budget based on projected ROI.

Remove the unsubscribe


Unsubscribes signal dissatisfaction and a potential loss of consumers, and a high rate can harm your sender’s reputation, hampering email marketing efforts. While a significant unsubscribe rate may indicate harmful email content or excessive messages, some unsubscribes are normal. 


Assuming that your unsubscribe rates are within the typical range, which means that your emails are not likely to be a problem, you may use predictive technology to identify clients who are more likely to unsubscribe. With this information, you can create a list of such clients and target them through channels other than email.


Identify new valuable customers


While each customer is crucial to your company, some clients are unquestionably much more valuable than others. Using Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences to recruit new consumers across channels is one approach to achieving this goal.


In this situation, you may form a group of your most valued clients based on expected lifetime value or hire high-value clients with a specific category preference if you’re looking for new customers who may act similarly to your current ones.


A customer’s lifetime value (CLV) is the expected total of all future profits a particular customer generates for a firm.

Ad budgets


When it’s time to run advertisements on Google AdWords, Facebook, or wherever else, budgeting and bidding are half the fight. How can you optimize your budget depending on the probable ROI? Suppose you segment your consumers based on expected lifetime value; you may reallocate a portion of your budget to your most valuable clients, resulting in a significant ROI.


In the case of a platform wherein you target keywords, such as Google AdWords, you may even change your strategy based on the audience’s expected lifetime value. For example, it may be profitable for your most valuable consumers to pursue a more costly term or a competitor’s keyword.


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With today’s technology, you may connect with your customers through various channels. However, if you limit your marketing strategy to a single channel, such as emailing or your website, you lose significant potential money. 


The goal is to provide your clients with a high level of certainty with your company, regardless of platform. Cross-channel marketing comes into play, and to make your customers’ experiences seamless, there are ways to personalize marketing. Which of these methods will work best for you depends on the products or services you offer and the demographics of your target audience.


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