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One of the pioneers in the subscription lifecycle management software solutions partners with FunnL to study the subscription business model scope in the publication industry in the North American and European markets

Having strong presence in ASEAN markets, the company needed to enter the North American and European markets targeting the publishing industry to start with. They wanted to understand the eco system of the publishing industry w.r.t. developed, developing and underdeveloped markets. The other areas of interest were to study the subscription model in the publication industry, along with emerging trends and the scope of partnerships with other major players. Understanding the partner eco system and identifying the potential opportunities to penetrate the market was another important factor to enter the new markets.

Research and data findings

FunnL set of a team of 4 researchers to start collecting the data and insights from the North American and European markets.

The research and data finding from the North American and European markets were the following:

  • Publication Industry – ecosystem, history and industry subdivision methods.

  • Total revenue generated from sales and licensing in the industry.

  • Distribution of revenue by publication type and domestic and foreign revenue generated.

  • Total number of titles published and distribution of titles by sector.

  • Size and employment level of the publishing industry.

  • Distribution of trade sector revenue by “format, destination, sales channel”.

  • A comparative study on the Publisher-Subscriber patterns vs Publisher-Subscriber relationships.

  • Emerging trends with the subscription model.

  • Some convincing facts about subscription model and digital publishing trends.

  • Top 5 pricing strategies for the subscription model in the developed economies.

  • Trends defining the future of the subscription economy.

  • The 6 Segments of the global subscription economy.

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