Nurturing Leads

Leads Nurturing is the process of blooming relationships with the customers/buyers at every single step of sales and of the buyer’s journey. It points on listening to the needs and wants of the prospects and answering their queries. It helps in building relationships with the possible clients even if they are not looking out to buy a product or a service. It intends to raise a company’s profile in the eyes of the clients.

The lead nurturing can be an occasional email to the client to give knowledge or updates about the product/service. The lead nurturing campaigns involves educating the clients in the positivity of a peculiar product and with the technology advancement, companies can create communities around their products using Social Media. A successful nurturing can build a strong brand and solution preference long before a prospect is engaged in a buying process. The nurturing helps the team to spend less time in qualifying leads and more time closing the qualified leads.

To keep the nourishment, the following steps can ensure to generate a successful lead :

  • Define the ideal customer and segment them
  • Offer value before pitching your product
  • Prepare a chart to organize the campaigns & implement goals
  • Set up a timeline for the emails. Don’t rush into the sales
  • Take advantage of testing & experimenting the campaigns

Automated Lead Nurturing is the process of sending automated emails that will prompt based on the time interval. Nurturing can be through the entire customer lifecycle. These help the marketers, the ability to virtually hand-hold leads from the time they begin to show interest in the purchasing decision.

While nurturing emails don’t require any manual work, but still the representatives should be involved in the process. The biggest drawback of lead nurturing is its ability to target on an equal ratio. Lead Nurturing is a powerful tool to stay automatically engaged with the future buyers. The nurturing leads comes up with using a marketing auditing platform, which allows to create marketing campaigns to nurture leads.

Outbound lead nurturing is where the message is being sent directly to the prospect which then determines the type and timing of each interaction. It is older and so more traditional, but can be spiced up with today’s modern technology. It can generate leads quickly if done in a correct way.

Lead Nurturing is not about selling directly, it’s about helping the clients to understand the value of the service, educating them and giving knowledge about their decision making.


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