Must-Have Features for Successful B2B Appointment Setting tool

Turning leads into paying buyers is often the top of mind and primary aspect for many B2B business leaders. 


But yet, most of them fail to achieve it and get stuck in the middle of their journey, as “setting appointments with leads” serves to be one of the significant obstacles in sales. 


Nevertheless, this challenge can be overcome with the right B2B appointment-setting tool. 


However, you need to know that any such tool can only help you get the most out of your meetings when it has features that will be useful to you.


So, read on to know the key essential features that your B2B appointment-setting tool must exhibit to arrange meetings with your potential leads successfully:


1. Send email notifications


If you have been in the sales landscape for a long time, you may find yourselves juggling too many tasks simultaneously, from prospecting your leads to creating an email campaign. 


Behind all these tasks, you may forget to follow up with your lead or remind them of their upcoming appointments. Unfortunately, that means you are more likely to lose exciting opportunities on your way. 


So, to avoid that, it’s essential to have an email notification feature built into your appointment setting tool. 


This feature allows your appointment scheduling tool to automatically send email notifications to your clients, reminding and informing them about upcoming appointments. 


Plus, you can also inform your leads about any necessary updates on your appointments. So, ensure your appointment scheduling tool offers an email notification feature. 


2. Allow two-way calendar sync


Managing your calendar and appointments through your scheduling tool may be challenging. 


Moreover, it can harm your business by double booking appointment slots and creating unnecessary confusion, causing you to miss appointments.


So to ensure your chosen appointments don’t get lost in the shuffle, make sure your chosen appointment-setting tool allows you to sync your calendar to it. 


With this two-way sync feature, you can keep track of all your appointments in one place, preventing conflicts like double bookings or missed events.


3. Manage time zone


If your clients are located in a different country, scheduling appointments can be difficult as there will be uncertainty over a particular time zone.


An automated time zone feature enables you to adjust your appointment time to the client’s time zone, clearing up the confusion and allowing your client to join your meeting successfully. 


So, if you want to offer your clients a great experience, make sure your appointment-setting tool provides an automatic time zone feature.


4. Set availability time


If your clients require a solution, there is a high probability that they will try their best to approach you. 


So, before they schedule a meeting to discuss your offerings, they must call or email you to inquire about your availability. Only after that can they move forward with scheduling their appointment with you. 


This can take a lot of time, not just for them but for you too. However, you can make this whole appointment procedure much easier and faster by choosing an appointment setting tool that allows you to specify your availability and unavailability hours. 


This way, your clients can quickly determine your availability without investing any of their time and, thus, can book appointments to have a discussion with you.


5. Offer reporting feature


As a business owner, you must keep track of your appointment-setting progress and ensure your efforts yield the desired results.  


It’s essential to undertake this step, as identifying the flaws and problems can help you elevate your overall appointment-making strategies. 


So, before you opt for any appointment-setting tool, ensure it has reporting features so that you can monitor your progress and work to schedule effective appointments for your business.


6. Mobile friendly interface


Your chosen B2B appointment scheduling tool must be compatible with all devices.


Because some of your leads might also be using their mobile devices to visit and arrive at your booking page, if that’s the case, you cannot expect your tool to disappoint them. 


In other words, if you want to deliver the same outstanding experience even on mobile devices, you must ensure that your scheduling tool provides a mobile-friendly interface feature. 


By doing so, your clients can receive a good experience on their mobile phones and, thus, easily book their appointments with you. 


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Setting up appointments is an integral part of your sales process. So, you must look for every possible way to make your appointment-setting process seem straightforward for you and your clients.


And one of the easiest ways to achieve it is by having a suitable B2B appointment-setting tool at your disposal. 


With the above guide, you will be aware not to overlook any of the above features and hence, make the best move in choosing the right tool that serves your needs.


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