Most Promising Ways to Reach Decision Makers on Sales Calls

how to find decision makers for sales


Hunting and prospecting for leads in the B2C world is a straightforward effort because every prospect here is a possible customer. 


However, the same thing does not hold in B2B. Why? Because here, you need to target a particular set of prospects explicitly. 


On top of that, speaking to business decision-makers about your game-changing products is not so straightforward.


As you know, decision-makers are key stakeholders in B2B sales. So, targeting them from the right go can close most of your deals. However, reaching them and making a sales appointment is an art that only a few salespeople have mastered. Do you aspire to be a master like them? If so, you first need to succeed in the sales call. Only then may you step ahead to schedule an appointment with the decision-makers. But, as you know, reaching out to decision-makers on sales calls might seem nearly impossible.


Hence, in this article, we will be helping you find a few critical solutions that can ultimately help you make a sales call with the decision-makers:


4 Key Ways to Reach Decision Makers


1. Use your network and ask for referrals

A well-developed network in the B2B landscape can speed up your process of reaching your intended decision-makers on sales calls. For example, suppose you wish to offer your services to company A, and you are connected to an employee of that company. In that case, you can ask them for permission to communicate directly with the decision-maker.


Regarding referrals, they are the most effective and powerful way to get in touch with decision-makers. Because when other businesses highly trust you, you will be naturally introduced to many other decision-makers in your industry. Therefore, gain referrals from your existing client base and aim to speak with the decision-makers on your sales calls.


2. Reach out to gatekeepers


As you know, gatekeepers guard and manage access to company decision-makers. They usually work under the decision-makers. For example, if the decision maker operates as the head of the finance department, their gatekeeper could be working as the head of accounting. 


Therefore, these gatekeepers can be a valuable asset for you in reaching out to your targeted decision-makers. In addition, your chances of connecting with decision-makers can be good when you leave a strong positive impression on the gatekeepers. Therefore, find ways to befriend the gatekeepers and ultimately get in touch with the decision-makers to discuss your offering. 


3. Map out the organization


In the B2B world, it’s pretty essential to understand the ins and outs of the organization you are aiming for. To achieve that, you must conduct in-depth sleuthing and map out your targeted business. Doing this will give you much more knowledge of the decision-makers and a crystal clear idea of who they are and how they operate. 


In addition, this can assist you in making a sales call to them and help you know how to target them with your communications, allowing you to make your call more personalized.


4. Email outreach

Emails are one of the most common ways to connect with decision-makers. It is one of the most widely used channels and plays an important role in marketing and sales outreach. You know their core points now that you have done background research on the decision-makers. 


So, use such information to customize your email and explain how your organization can benefit its business. In conclusion, you can further suggest a plan of action. For example, you can ask for their contact details to set up a sales call with them.


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A sales call is a significant yet consuming part of sales and requires multiple, continuous efforts to get a response from the decision maker. However, if you fail to succeed on one of your sales calls, try several other methods to make your next call successful. 


Remember, you may encounter too many obstacles while approaching decision-makers, but never fail to be persistent during your journey. So, keep using the above tips and tricks to get in touch with the decision-makers and finally schedule an appointment to move your deal forward!


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