Master Plan for Successful Outbound Lead Generation

strategy for successful outbound lead generation


Outbound lead generation is an efficient and quick process of pushing messages out to a target audience, regardless of whether they have asked for it or expressed an interest in the content. To reach prospective customers rapidly, you need an outbound lead generation team. Their job is to get your target market and connect with prospective customers using various methods like emailing, cold calling, and prospecting on social media. Once a prospect’s interest is signified, the lead generation team hands the potential leads to the marketing team.


Purpose of Outbound Lead Generation


It’s 2020; outbound channels remain as solid and essential as ever. Email consistently beats other lead generation channels in terms of use and effectiveness. Not only this, but outbound marketing complements inbound marketing as well. Inbound works well for creating awareness, whereas outbound is perfect for activities that need accurate touches. With a solid and rational outbound follow-up plan, you’ll be ready and be able to engage every prospect that comes your way immediately.


Are you wondering if outbound lead generation is working for you? 

  1. You aim to grow your sales, but your pipeline lacks opportunities.
  2. You have a complicated, time-consuming sales process and deal with detailed businesses requiring various decision-makers.
  3. You want to explore new markets and need the latest information to support expansion.
  4. Your sales process will benefit from interaction and feedback from various potential clients.

Factors to Set for Outbound Email Campaigns


Accurate buyer’s persona:


To deliver the right results for your outbound lead generation campaign, you must be clear and specific enough about who you’re trying to target. A well-defined buyer’s persona is essential to effective lead generation. The buyer’s persona should be recorded and assist you in providing particular answers to questions like:


    • What do your most successful customers have in common? (i.e., industry, company size, technology, etc.)
    • Why do your best customers do business with us?
    • What do your top customers gain from buying our offer?
    • Which decision-makers do you usually talk to and win over in your top accounts?
    • What pain points and triggers do these decision-makers respond to?

3 Ways to Generate Leads via Outbound Lead Generation


1. Email marketing


Email is the most preferred and efficient outbound lead generation channel. Email’s accuracy, versatility, and broader reach make it the perfect tactic for outbound activities like:

      1. Initiating contact with cold prospects
      2. Nurturing leads from other channels
      3. Following up with the client
      4. Distributing content
      5. Rapid response to prospect queries and requests
      6. Corresponding with prospects regarding sales appointment setup

Generate High ROI:

Email Marketing generates high ROI only if you follow it correctly. To follow the right approach, try using the following tips:

  1. Maintain a consistent email scheduling and sending frequency.
  2. Execute your email marketing campaign using reliable automated marketing platforms.
  3. Make sure emails stand out with an irresistible subject line. Your subject line should create inquisitiveness.
  4. The content should interest your target group.
  5. You should use a design that balances visual graphics and personal touch.
  6. Exit with a closing line that is a strong CTA.

2. Cold calling


Telemarketing, including live phone calls, remains integral to the lead generation process. Recent research shows that B2B decision-makers still prefer to hear from someone over the phone: 57% of C-level executives and nearly 50% of directors/managers respond to sales calls.


But, in today’s time, the role of phone calls in lead generation has changed. Phone calls are now most effective in outbound activities such as:

  1. Continuing and fortifying contacts made on other channels.
  2. Responding punctually to prospects.
  3. Collecting and verifying information in real time.
  4. Examining prospects’ interests.
  5. Understanding the prospect’s pain points and expectations.
  6. Promoting content to a targeted audience.

To take full advantage of outbound telemarketing, try using these innovative calling strategies:

  1. Make calls a consistent part of a lead nurture path by keeping messaging constant.
  2. Set the stage for follow-ups.
  3. Control data on past prospects’ activity to schedule outbound calls.
  4. Consider each call as a chance to provide value
  5. Track performance with a complete set of KPIs and metrics

3. LinkedIn cold outreach


Social media’s reach and impact make it a pivotal addition to a modern outbound strategy. In B2B lead generation, LinkedIn should be your platform of choice. LinkedIn is the ideal social network for doing outbound activities like:

  1. Searching and engaging new contacts through LinkedIn connections.
  2. Plotting out target accounts and prospects using LinkedIn profiles and activity.
  3. Expanding the width of relevant prospects by joining and participating in LinkedIn Groups.
  4. Spot specific market segments with LinkedIn’s search function.
  5. Reaching out directly to prospects.

However, all these activities require you to magnify your LinkedIn presence and improve your future participation and conversions on the platform. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to magnify your presence:

  1. Begin with optimizing your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Work to grow your network constantly through LinkedIn connections and profile views.
  3. Stay active in suitable industry groups and contribute to the community.
  4. Make the most of LinkedIn mutual connections and shared interests when exploring potential prospects

Email, cold-calling, and LinkedIn outreach strategies are the three main channels for an efficient outbound lead-generation process. 


Outbound lead generation is a crucial aspect of lead generation. First, contact the prospect and then send an introduction email or use LinkedIn in the mail. You should clearly state your intention to offer services to help potential clients improve their productivity and meet their sales goals. If the prospect doesn’t respond within a time frame you consider rational, find other ways to get yourself noticed.


For instance, look for LinkedIn connections you have in common and ask for an introduction. It also helps to sometimes ask a colleague at the executive level to initiate a meeting. Senior-level management responds better to peers.


Tips for Productive Outbound Campaigns


Outbound lead generation is a highly efficient channel when part of a solid marketing strategy. Here are five tips for achieving better outbound lead generation outcomes.

  1. Target audience
    Targeting is one of the most crucial advantages of outbound lead generation. You’re wasting your money if you don’t fully utilize your outbound lead seller’s targeting options.
  2. Time
    Time is a significant challenge in outbound lead generation because a company’s response time depends on its lead provider. As time passes, your point of empathy fades—information changes and leads move further in the buying process. Logically, outbound lead generation should be sourced to a company capable of delivering on time. For instance, FunnL has a track record of delivering promptly.
  3. Preparation
    If you can’t effectively handle the leads, you shouldn’t be running the campaign. To get the best results from outbound leads, companies need to be prepared with planning and content before running the campaign. On the planning side, representatives need to understand the exact needs and attributes at every stage of your sales process, allowing you to identify and efficiently serve clients at those stages quickly.
  4. Customized process
    In most cases, you’ll generate more targeted leads through outbound lead generation so that you can dedicate more time and attention to every lead. Use this time to customize the process for these leads. Leads can tell when you’re working from a script. Just a tiny piece of company-specific information will make you stand out. Don’t stop personalizing your messages. Timing is another factor that can be customized to fit individual leads.
  5. Measuring everything
    Companies should pay attention to various metrics when it comes to lead generation. They should observe conversion metrics. Collecting metrics is more important than comparing and developing personas and campaign messaging. This information can then be used to optimize campaign structure and targeting.

Outbound Lead Generation Workflow


Here’s an outbound lead generation workflow that makes use of emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn in a combined way.

  1. Intro Email or InMail: Relay intent to explore ways to exceed sales KPIs/productivity objectives.
  2. Follow-up InMail: Refresh them about Intro InMail.
  3. Email: Send an infographic about the causes of sales performance.
  4. Follow-up Email: Send a whitepaper about the proper CRM setup.
  5. Phone: Discovery call.
  6. Social Media: Share an article and tag the prospective client.
  7. Video Email: Benefits of cloud-based CRM.
  8. Social Media: Engage with prospects on LinkedIn by tagging them in a post or responding to their comment in a group, and so on.
  9. Voice Mail: Check-in if a prospect has queries about resources sent.
  10. Email: Have your director send an email; this will help improve response rates.
  11. Phone or Email: Plan a face-to-face meeting.

This workflow can be customized to suit your business needs. The key idea is to combine these three channels to provide a multi-channel experience for your target clients.


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To sum up, this process is not a straight line. Things will not always work out as expected, so you must be creative and transform your strategy accordingly. The key to outbound lead generation is never to give up and keep working until you get qualified leads.

You need a results-driven lead generation company like FunnL, whom you can trust and be confident.


FunnL has been successfully generating sales-qualified meetings with the help of a practical approach, such as appointment-setting services. It is the fastest-growing platform for successful sales-qualified meetings and has generated over 10,000 leads for about 100 companies. Keeping the sales team on point with measures like result-driven outbound lead generation strategies and prospective leads and ensuring the engagement level is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for FunnL’s success.


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