Marketing Qualified Meeting

FunnL is one of the best and fastest growing B2B sales Marketing qualified meeting generation firms globally. The team involved is highly skilled, with an experience of generating more than 25,000+ sales marketing qualified meetings from healthcare, education, finance, business services, telecom, technology, and the list goes on.

Our customers have closed deals worth millions of dollars from our leads. We serve more than 250 customers in the USA, UK, EU, and APAC.

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FunnL inside sales platform is a full-service solution to all key stakeholders responsible for sales and business development which helps them to design, manage and Marketing Qualified Meeting and measure a sales campaign.

It provides visual and actionable data to empower the sales operations by helping leadership forecast the revenue and manage the sales pipeline, derive valuable insights from the industry trends and advise executives to make informed business decisions to move the needle.

FunnL inside sales platform leverages technology to unlock human intelligence involved to produce the sales lead generation results from all the sales campaigns run for our customers. From setting up the inside sales campaign, daily tracking of the activity, scheduling sales meetings on the sales champ calendar, sharing the inputs and feedback on every completed meeting to pipeline view, customized reporting and deriving deep analysis and insights with all the KPIs executives and sales leaders need, it’s the operating system for your inside sales and the field sales team.

Marketing Qualified Meeting

WHY FunnL?

FunnL team expertise helps and keep you updated in the research of your market.

Market Size


Technology Assessment

Trends in the industry

Competitive Analysis

Market Research
We also help you to forecast your market and identifying unique opportunities in the market.

Our research is grounded in the collective expertise of our team within your industry. We leverage this knowledge alongside the customized campaigns we create for your specific products and services. What sets us apart is that our customers not only receive qualified leads but also gain valuable responses and insights generated throughout the campaign. In addition to lead generation, our agency, FunnL offers supplementary research inputs for potential clients, equipping them with comprehensive information. We also provide research support on industry trends and benchmarks as needed, ensuring our clients are equipped with the latest market insights.

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