Case Study

Major hedge fund and private equity administration outsourcing solutions provider

The Customer

Major hedge fund and private equity administration outsourcing solutions provider to a broad range of global investment managers adopting varying range of investment styles. The firm specializes in hedge funds, private equity funds, and fund investing in insurance linked securities. It provides back and middle office fund administration services including fund and portfolio accounting, investor services, AML services, corporate secretarial administration and directorial services. The firm emphasizes greatly on the importance of technology. It controls and employs a fully integrated technology platform which includes fund accounting, portfolio accounting and investor services together with a real time 24/7 online platform for their clients and investors.

The Challenge

The client was looking for a lead generation partner to generate sales leads to expand their business. The company was dependent on the network portfolio for their businesses, they did not have the required means to explore the market. Also, they wanted to target different verticals and domains in the financial sector such as:

  • Fund of Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Insurance Linked Securities Funds
  • Investment/Wealth/Asset Management Firms
  • Family Offices

They wanted to outsource their lead gen activity to the partner who was well versed in the financial services industry and can help them connect to the business heads responsible for decision making in the above industry domains in order to scale up their business.

The Solution

After running 4 months of preliminary campaign, FunnL successfully generated qualified sales meetings for the client. The leads generated for them was an overall result of running campaigns based on the LQP (Lead Qualification Parameter) as defined by the customer. The campaigns were formulated and performed based on the AUM parameter, verticals specifically like Hedge Funds, Insurance-Linked Securities Fund, Investment firms, Family Offices, and marketing services like Back and Middle Office fund administration services, FATCA Compliance, Fund and Portfolio Accounting, Corporate Secretarial Administration.

The team at FunnL spent a considerable amount of time during the project in understanding the products and services of the customers. The qualified companies were recorded based on mapping and mining of relevant designations of decision making authorities in the target list. Meanwhile, the analyst team designed and crafted the campaign drafts for the services to be marketed. The campaign management helped to generate leads for the customer from the target audience and as per the LQP.

The Result

  • The customer was able to reach the market on and above their network.
  • There were meetings with the prospect companies’ business heads for different services like accounting, fund administration, corporate secretarial services, and analytics.
  • A healthy sales pipeline during the campaign cycle was developed.
  • Market insights and market intelligence report based on the campaigns run by FunnL was provided which helped the customer in go-to-market strategies.
  • Forecasting the number of leads for the coming months based on the analytical reports sent by FunnL was made easy.
  • Different campaigns were scaled up and scaled down during the engagement.
  • Branding for the customer was easy through Personalized Email Marketing.
  • Every lead produced for the customer had a defined agenda for the call/meeting.

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