Lead Prospecting Tools for Sales – Do They Really Work?

lead prospecting tools for sales


Who doesn’t want to have a well-fed sales pipeline? 


After all, it’s every B2B marketer’s most cherished daydream! Today’s sales teams rely on B2B sales prospecting tools to speed things up, gather information more effectively, engage prospects, and, most importantly close more deals.


Fundamentally, a sales prospecting tool is a software platform that helps your sales force streamline and automate the sales process. Instead of manually locating leads, ranking qualified prospects, and scheduling meetings with decision-makers, sales prospecting tools save your reps from that laborious and time-consuming procedure. 


Why Do You Need Sales Prospecting Tools?


Since doing everything manually is challenging and might become overwhelming, using the right sales prospecting tools is a lifesaver for a B2B sales force.


So, what do the tools do for your sales team? 


Before we proceed, remember not to fill up your tool bucket with hundreds of prospecting tools. You understand your business and have a clear insight into your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) – whom you target. So, choose only the required tools that fit your requirements and budget.


Now, sales prospecting tools can help your sales team accomplish the following tasks:

      • Locating and nurturing leads

      • Conducting thorough research on potential clients

      • Ranking prospects according to your demand

      • Observing potential customers who use competitors’ tools

      • Efficiently reaching out to many potential clients

      • Maintaining consistency when following up with prospects

      • Streamlining the sales procedure.

    Although these are only a few of the numerous benefits your salespeople get. When you look deeper, you will know that it’s only the surface demonstrated here. 


    What Types of Basic Sales Prospecting Tools Do You Need?


    Several types of sales prospecting are readily available nowadays. However, since every B2B business is unique and has distinct goals, most use the following tools.


    1. Prospect list-building or database-building tools


    Building your prospect list is likely one of the most crucial steps of your entire marketing effort. You must decide whether a prospect is a good fit for your company, how to contact them, and ultimately whether there is a chance that they will convert into a customer. 


    The problem is that compiling your own B2B prospect list is challenging. However, using a tool that helps create a B2B prospect list will be simple.


    2. Contact details fetching tools


    Finding a prospect’s contact details has never been easy, whether a personal email address, a business email address, a direct office phone number or even a cell phone number.

    Since most businesses don’t publicly list their contacts, it’s challenging to determine which email address or phone number to use. Fortunately, some tools can help you fetch the contact details of your leads. Isn’t it impressive?


    3. Lead qualifying tools


    Your leads must be qualified after identifying them and uncovering their contact information. Sales representatives who do not take sufficient actions in lead qualification before putting the potential prospects through the sales process account for 67% of lost sales (source).


    With the help of the right tools and techniques, overcoming this challenging step becomes manageable.


    4. Appointment scheduling tools


    Scheduling a sales appointment with sales-ready leads involves attempting to coordinate with numerous people or across time zones. It is one of the most challenging and annoying steps in the B2B sales process. Indeed!

    Appointment scheduling tools can automate setting up meetings with potential prospects without relying on email responses to confirm a time.


    5. Sales engagement tools


    Every conversation with a prospect or an existing client matters as a salesperson. The buyer’s journey, conversions, client loyalty, and a rep’s performance rely on these communications. Sales engagement tools come into this picture to help your team improve prospect engagement.


    It’s the era of automation to avoid time-consuming tasks and accomplish goals smartly. Although repetitive tasks are a big part of B2B prospecting efforts, the right sales prospecting tools like FunnL will help you work more efficiently, connect with more potential prospects in less time, and close sales faster than ever. 


    Hence, the bottom line is that lead prospecting tools work effectively and efficiently. Therefore, you only need to select yours to suit your industry and needs.


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