Lead Generation For B2B Via Email Marketing: 7 Tips

Are you looking for actionable tips for your next email marketing campaign to help you reach your lead-generation goals? According to statistics, 64% of B2B marketers met their business goals in 2021 due to their email marketing strategy (source). Do you also want to carry out email campaigns like these successful marketers?


You already have an email list of B2B prospects that you obtained from various websites, social media accounts, and email discovery tools. You will now move toward emailing your prospects. However, B2B email marketing goes beyond merely sending emails since it’s one of the best ways to generate leads and increase sales.


Top B2B Email Marketing Tips for Lead Generation


Getting email leads is only one aspect of an email lead generation plan. It also entails nurturing the leads gathered to convert them into paying clients. Therefore, you need a robust lead generation plan to expand your B2B business and increase revenue. You will discover the best practices for generating leads using email marketing at the end of this article. So let’s get started!


1. Utilize lead scoring to get qualified leads 


Create B2B lead scoring models that your marketing teams can use to qualify and rank the leads you send to sales and determine which ones require additional nurturing. This method allows you to have high-quality prospects more likely to appreciate your emails.


Lead scoring can be used with email automation to score leads for your marketing.


For example, if a potential customer has already viewed your website’s product, you can offer them a 20% discount via email.


2. Make every email header noticeable to your target audience


B2B organizations only send out one email marketing campaign every 25 days on average, even though more and more B2B enterprises prefer digital interactions (source). So, you must capture their attention with that one email.



It’s simple. Convey a clear message in the email header portion, which is the section that recipients will see right after they open it. Your banner needs to accomplish this.


You’ll need to establish a clear idea of what your banner should look like. Your logo must be simple yet creative, and you must give it a professional appearance while saving time.


3. Use gated content to incentivize lead generation


Up to 80% of B2B content marketing assets are reportedly gated (source). By offering prospects informative content in exchange for their name, email address, industry, and other contact details, marketers leverage gated content to generate leads. White papers, videos, ebooks, product demos, and case studies are a few examples of gated content.


This excellent technique encourages lead generation. As a result, this type of content upgrade is highly successful. Because the target reader’s curiosity has already been established, conversion occurs frequently.


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4. Maintain mobile-friendliness


Mobile-friendliness has become crucial, even in the B2B space. For example, statistics show that 35% of business people check their emails on mobile (source). So keep your emails responsive to mobile devices.


Make sure your email’s design, call-to-action buttons, text size, and font are all mobile-friendly. Your website and landing pages should also be mobile-friendly so that when a prospect clicks on your call to action, they have no trouble interacting with the web content.


5. Establish automated campaigns


B2B email marketing begins with a reliable email service provider that enables efficient automation. With automation, you can plan emails based on how customers connect with your brand and behave. 


Automatic personalization is another feature of email automation that enhances email campaigns. Employ the following precise triggers to send the correct emails to the right subscribers at the right time:

  • You may send welcome emails to your subscribers as soon as they sign up. 
  • Similarly, you can plan thank-you emails for any consumer that purchases from you. 
  • Another clever technique to generate leads from your email marketing campaign without worry is to automate your follow-up emails.

6. Integrate your CRM with email marketing lead generation


The best tool for increasing engagement through personalized communication is email, and the best tool for enhancing customer relationships is your CRM system. Why not connect them?


You can get the following benefits by doing so:

  • When a call is scheduled, your CRM automatically sends out notifications.
  • You can track all communications from a single location by importing target businesses and contacts.
  • When a successful campaign event occurs, create deals in the CRM and assign deal owners and lead sources.
  • This method assists you in lead scoring to enhance your sales funnel.

7. Authenticate your emails


Your overall number of email opens influences the number of clicks back to your website, which can be significantly reduced if your email ends up in the spam folder. In addition, your emails will be delivered with confidence if you authenticate them because it will confirm the identity and validity of your emails.


Email authentication methods include Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF).


Many B2B businesses have found the above ideas to be successful. Along with keeping a close eye on what your competitors are doing, you should spend time evaluating your email marketing campaign. Each company is unique. So, be bold and use your original ideas. But test it first before incorporating it into your B2B email marketing plan for generating leads.


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