Killer tips for handling an SQM successfully

Killer tips for handling an SQM successfully

Sales qualified meetings are a crucial part of inside sales as they are considered as the stage in a sales cycle where a lead can be transformed into a paying customer. You can think of SQM as an end-product of a lead generation process wherein the lead goes through various stages in a sales funnel to become qualified to initiate the sales conversation. Let’s talk about a few killer tips for handling an SQM successfully.

Keep your SQM short and on-point

Lengthy meetings are not recommended. Try to make the duration of your sales qualified meeting not longer than an hour and make sure that the conversation is to the point, or else the lead will lose interest in the meeting’s conversation.

Make it all about the prospect

Make your lead and their business are the central point of your conversation during an SQM. This will make the client more involved, plus it will leave a good impression on your prospective buyer.

Be on-time

A qualified lead is an opportunity, and as a sales rep, you would not want your lead to be kept waiting, so make sure that the meeting starts at the agreed time. Even a 5-minute delay can upset the prospect and lead them to think that you don’t value their time.

Do your homework

Be well-informed about your prospect’s pain points, and don’t forget to prepare thoroughly to provide answers to their queries. This will lead them to think that you want to provide them with a solution for their business needs, and they will be more likely to close the deal.

Be a good listener

A customer always wants to be heard, and that is what you have to do in a sales qualified meeting- listen patiently and respond smartly. Allow them to express their ideas and concerns about the deal, instead of just blabbering about your product. 

Use engaging visuals

Don’t make your sales meeting a boring fest, or else your prospect will merely wait for it to get over without delivering the expected outcome. Take advantage of the latest presentation tools such as infographics, PPTs, informational videos, etc., about your product or service to keep the prospects involved and occupied during the SQM.

End it on a positive note with a clear course of action

The sales reps should always make sure that they finish the meeting on a friendly note keeping the prospects optimistic about the deal. The communication should be informative and convincing so that your prospect feels confident about the deal after the sales meeting. Make sure no query is left unanswered from your end. This will ensure quick decision making on the prospect’s part.

As you can see, SQMs are a highly decisive component of an inside sales process, and there are quite a few norms to be followed here. Then why take chances while handling SQMs? Why not leave this task to the experts? At FunnL, our only business is B2B Sales Qualified Meetings generation. Our SQMs are of the highest quality because our customers decide the lead qualification criterion. Our dedicated team has a cumulative experience of generating more than 10,000 sales-qualified meetings. FunnL consistently delivers sales-qualified leads for clients and has played a vital role in successfully implementing expansion plans. Let’s get in touch to discuss how FunnL’s platform can take your business to achieve new heights and maximize your ROI. At FunnL, the possibilities to expand your business are endless.


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