Introduction To Inside Sales Process Automation

what is sales process automation?


An initial interaction with a new prospect necessitates an average of eight touchpoints. Among the touches are emails, phone calls, and text messages. Maintaining ongoing communication with sales prospects takes a significant amount of time. Furthermore, as your prospect list grows, the process becomes more difficult to manage. It can be difficult to manage sales data, items, services, and consumers at the same time. In this case, sales process automation can be beneficial.


Your team’s sales strategy is an invaluable resource. You may easily find areas for improvement by using sales process automation. Furthermore, sales managers can exert control over every step of an automated sales process with minimal effort.


Let’s start with the definition of sales process automation and some common instances, as they are the most important points we’ll cover in this post.


What Is Inside Sales Process Automation?


Automating various steps in your sales process allows your sales representatives to concentrate more on connecting with and closing business with prospects and clients. It comprises managing many aspects of the sales process (such as client outreach and sales reporting). It also maintains the efficiency and consistency of your sales process.


Sales process automation:


  • Boosts your efficiency;
  • Improves accuracy and accelerates the sales process;
  • Ensures that your valuable leads don’t slip through the net;
  • Streamlines the quality of your sales tasks;
  • Reduces response time, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Companies that implement high levels of automation into their sales process produce 16% more leads than those who implement low or no levels of automation (source). Furthermore, sales automation will be more valuable because the use of artificial intelligence in sales is anticipated to increase by 139% between 2020 and 2023 (source).


Examples Of Automating Inside Sales Process


1. Lead generation


Because the sales pipeline begins with lead generation, this is a good area for automation. Landing pages and pop-ups with forms are only two ways to use software to generate leads automatically. However, setting up chatbots is becoming more popular.


Lead generation is an excellent starting point for how sales automation might help your business save time. For example, salespeople won’t have to waste time repeatedly sending the same message because the program automates the first message of a customer-facing chat. They can, though, take over when it comes time to warm up a lead.


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2. Setup of sales email


In the high-tech world of inside sales, email is still one of the most sensible methods since it is a very effective sales medium that can be highly automated. The most successful sales emails are those that are put up as sequences based on the behaviors, answers, and data stored in your CRM of your contacts.


However, some tools can also help you automate follow-ups to ensure a lead never falls through the cracks. For example, use transponders to create nurture series depending on specific activities of your prospects or to send a series of personalized emails.


3. User onboarding


You may automate the user onboarding process like we have other sales email automation approaches on this list.

For example, you can set up the software to send email confirmations, welcome messages, documentation, etc., instead of doing it manually. This way, you can free up time on other crucial tasks, such as sales pitching and communication skills. In addition, advanced tools give you the facility of intelligent onboarding.


4. Communication with prospects


Another fantastic example of sales automation is the ability to retain contact with prospects or existing clients and provide content via marketing or private email sequences. A CRM with text messaging features allows you to automate customized text messages with appointment information and reminders.


Also, because of the new conversation intelligence features in sales automation solutions, you may quickly access summaries of all your calls that have been transcribed and analyzed.


5. Sales reporting


When they use automated sales analysis, sales representatives can get a clear perspective of customer engagement, marketing, and campaign performance, including form completion rates, email opening rates, and inside sales conversions.


Furthermore, by utilizing sales reporting, any sales professional can track lead and product revenue, activity history, orders, billing, and so on without going through mounds of data.


6. Setting appointments/meetings


A sales automation platform’s scheduling and appointment capabilities ensure that nothing is overlooked. Simple scheduling prevents sales professionals from scheduling themselves twice or skipping appointments, whether it’s a follow-up meeting or providing a demo to a new client.


However, it gets better with automation software. Integrate your scheduling tool with CRM for a genuine improvement in sales process automation. The days of exchanging texts back and forth to set up a meeting time are long gone.


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7. Making and sending invoices


Invoicing is an essential component of any organization. It is a time-consuming but critical process, making it an ideal candidate for automation.


You may develop an automatic sales system that accepts credit cards, issues bills and keeps track of who has paid using automated payments and invoicing. When your salesmen are unavailable after hours, your organization may automatically accept payments and deliver invoices around the clock. As a result, no more manual labor is required.


8. Lead scoring


Salespeople don’t have to spend extra time determining which leads are the warmest, thanks to the lead-scoring capabilities of modern sales software. Previously, lead scoring realism was based on tomographic data; however, behavioral lead scoring is now likely to be the most useful.


Final Thoughts


Such a detailed approach to sales automation makes it simple to oversee and follow your sales process, enhancing the efficiency of your sales staff. So, put these ideas into action and let the results speak for themselves.


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