Inside sales lead gen platform for B2B marketers and revenue drivers in the organisation

Inside Sales Lead Generation Platform for B2B Marketers and Revenue Drivers in the Organization

The decision-makers in the B2B sector prefer everything dealing remotely for their business due to COVID-19. Thus, the inside sales model has become a norm for the B2B sector as it involves the use of the latest technology to engage and inform the prospects and helps close deals faster. The marketing and the sales departments of an organization work closely with each other to generate leads for the business. B2B marketers use various techniques and tools to identify prospects and pass them on to the sales team for conversions. Generating leads is a never-ending process for companies. Every business needs customers to survive, and yielding qualified leads who turn into customers is the key to survival. 

The data acts as fuel to drive the inside sales lead generation process. An optimized lead generation platform involves gathering and analysing the data and designing an efficient and result-oriented sales campaign. The platform should leverage technology along with human intelligence to maximize the target clients for the revenue drivers (inside sales team) in the organization. 

An ideal lead generation model has the following features-

Transparency- A clear lead generation platform allows you to see where you are going with your sales plan and whether it is working for you or not.

Accurate and relevant data- Data-driven marketing and selling strategies that gather high-quality data has proven to be a game-changer in generating qualified leads.

Appropriate tracking and contacting tools- Using the right tools for measuring and monitoring the results and communicating with the target prospects, you can turn your leads into customers. Because how your customers feel when they connect with you matters the most in the sales process.

Methodology- Inside sales lead generation platform uses various methods like customized E-mails, newsletters, lead nurturing, and continuous follow up techniques for enhanced productivity and customer acquisition.

The challenges in the path of effective lead generation

Many B2B marketers face challenges in forming an effective lead generation strategy for their companies. There can be multiple reasons for this, such as-

  • Lack of proper research and analysis of the target market and buyer behavior,
  • Limited resources,
  • Use of outdated technology and tools,
  • Lack of proper training of the inside salesforce.

Overcoming these challenges and creating a successful inside sales platform is crucial for an organization. But how to tackle these issues without compromising the quality of your lead generation process? The answer is simple- outsource your lead generation process to keep your sales funnel full of qualified leads. 

Companies such as, who specializes in B2B sales qualified meeting (or lead) generation, can help you gain more leads in your sales pipeline without you having to worry about the budget.

How does FunnL’s framework help you create the most effective lead generation platform? is a highly skilled and dedicated B2B lead generating platform. At FunnL, our only business is to generate sales qualified meetings (SQM) for our clients. We act as an inside sales team for our partners and help them identify, target, and convert prospects at a wider level. We act like an operating system for your sales team and help increase their productivity level. We provide different engagement models that suit your business needs to help close better deals faster. Collaborating with FunnL will help save your cost, time, and resources and will increase ROI for your business. Contact us today.


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