Inside sales campaign – A pragmatic process to set up the 2021 growth strategy

Inside Sales Campaign- A Pragmatic process to set up the 2021 growth strategy

CRM, e-mails and calling tools, business intelligence software, all these play key roles in running and maintaining a successful inside sales campaign whose ultimate goal is to achieve sales and business development. When we talk about inside sales, the first thing that comes to mind is Technology. Inside sales is all about utilizing technology for promoting and selling your product. 

Creating an effective inside sales campaign requires proper research and execution. Let’s have a look at the process involved in designing and implementing a well-crafted inside sales campaign growth strategy for 2021.

  • Designing the campaign
    Setting up a campaign involves both qualitative and quantitative data that is being monitored by technology and keeps a check on whether all the functions in a sales campaign are on the right track.

    The main component of this step is to set your sales KPI or Key Performance Indicators to measure performance level. It includes assessing all the data- your buyer persona, the location of the prospects, demographics, campaign duration, cost-profit analysis, and so on. Collecting and organizing this data is the first step towards launching your inside sales campaign.

  • Defining goals and assigning tasks
    The main goal of an inside sales campaign is to increase ROI, so the next step is to lay specific goals for the campaign and assign tasks to the sales reps. These goals should be

    S- Specific and well-defined towards your business objectives
    M- Measurable for the campaign
    A- Attainable for the sales team
    R- Relevant for your overall business
    T- Timely attributed so that they can be accomplished within the set time.

    This will help the inbound sales team operate independently and efficiently as they will have a clear understanding of their roles.

  • Tools for managing inside sales campaign
    An inside sales campaign is incomplete without using sales tools that help boost business leads. Even a simple cold calling via phone falls under the category of tools used for sales. Various marketing automation tools are available for sales reps to assist them in the sales process, and these tools are easy to use.

    Technology-based tools help you track daily campaign activities, schedule virtual sales meetings, customize reporting, and derive profound analysis for your inside sales campaign.

  • CRM
    CRM is the core of inside sales campaigns. A good CRM provides you with all details about your prospect and their buying patterns as well as pain points. It accelerates your sales process by capturing information about new leads and configuring buyer profiles so that the sales reps can act on the leads.

    An ideal CRM helps in creating and maintaining healthy and long-lasting relationships with your customers and is required at every stage of an inside sales campaign, starting from initiating conversation with prospects to follow-up through emails, newsletters and messages after conversions.

  • Campaign Launch
    This is the execution phase of your campaign where people, process, and technology work together towards achieving the set goals. At this stage, your campaign’s actual performance will be measured by tracking campaign activity and progress. If you want to create a successful campaign without worrying about time and cost factors, your one-stop destination is We provide an excellent platform for your sales team that is highly effective towards achieving qualified B2B sales leads.
  • Follow up
    At this stage, the generated leads are reviewed and then the connection process is initiated that is followed by sending invites and scheduling meetings. It is significant to follow up with the qualified leads and clearly define the next step or set a Call to action (CTA) for them to get a commitment to the next meeting or discussion. 

Until 2020, marketing automation tools like Hubspot were used by businesses to help them assist in inbound sales campaigns. But in 2021, you will need to be a step ahead of your competitors by reinventing your inside sales campaign to adapt to the evolving digital marketing world.

Connect with whose only business is B2B sales qualified lead generation. Let us take care of your inside sales needs and achieve amazing results and increased leads in your sales pipeline. We will do the work for you so that you can focus on your other important business operations.


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