Inside Sales – All You Need to Know

Inside Sales - All You Need to Know

Unlike telemarketers, inside sales professionals are highly proficient and creative personnel who craft a sales strategy for selling their products or services. Most B2B decision-makers prefer inside sales since virtual selling is as effective as on-field sales minus the travelling expenses and time. There are a variety of advanced sales tools that can expedite your sales process, boost your team’s productivity, and fill up your sales pipeline. With the latest communication tools, it’s easy to conduct webinars, online demos, and face-to-face virtual meetings with clients that make remote selling as effective and result-driven as outbound sales.

Advantages of Inside Sales

Today’s tech-savvy business world prefers to use technology to ease their manual tasks and to improve productivity. Inside sales provide them with the benefit of increased leads and an accelerated selling process. Let’s discuss some more benefits of remote sales.

Extended reach

With virtual selling, you can overcome the geographical restraints and reach out to prospects across borders. There is no curb as to how much your organization can achieve through remote sales as your reps can exceed their market outreach through it.

Boost productivity

Inbound sales tools have significantly reduced the manual work for reps. While earlier they had to perform tasks such as documentation, build and manage customer databases manually; sales intelligence tools provide them with the convenience of handling all these tasks and much more automatically through various software, thereby enabling them to focus more on client acquisition, lead generation and nurturing.

Increased cost-efficiency

Since inside sales allow the sales reps to handle more leads per day by reducing their travelling time, this implies more conversion opportunities for the organization. It also helps you save the hefty costs of investments spent on necessary equipment, venue rental services, and other miscellaneous charges.

Achieve economies of scale

As discussed earlier, inside sales enable your organization to boost your sales team’s productivity leading to maximum output at decreased costs. Additionally, a company may outsource its inside sales duties to a third party instead of conducting sales in-house, which will help them achieve cost-reduction and exceptional results. Here are 10 reasons to outsource inside sales campaigns.


Since inside sales are conducted remotely without a requirement of physical presence, it gives the sales reps the flexibility to work different hours and adapt to customers’ schedules. This makes your brand trustworthy as the customers can connect to the reps whenever they want.

How Inside Sales functions?

Lead identification

The first step is to target your buyer persona and identify their attributes to initiate the sales process.

Lead distribution

This step enables the reps to work on the leads assigned to them through an automated system to ensure fair and transparent distribution.

Lead qualification

The most important step in the sales process is the lead qualification, as calling irrelevant prospects will waste your sales representatives’ time and efforts. Instead, they can utilize that time for acquiring and nurturing crucial leads for their company.

Lead nurturing

After the leads have been qualified based on the BANT criteria, it’s time to nurture those leads to make them ready for sales-related conversation. Try to offer them a solution for their needs instead of directly selling your product or services.

Sales Qualified Meeting (SQM)

SQMs are the reason why inside sales are executed i.e. to transform the lead into a potential customer. Therefore, make sure to never compromise on the quality of a sales qualified meeting where the sales team could provide a viable solution to the prospect’s pain points to close the deal.

Follow up

A follow-up call is as crucial for the reps as the closure. Following-up keeps you in contact with your customers for future business opportunities as well as referrals. Maintaining healthy relationships with your client base is the key to customer retention.

Generate more sales-qualified leads to increase ROI for your business?

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