Innovative Ways to Use Data Insights for Marketers 

data insights


There is no reason not to know what your clients want nowadays. There are now several technologies available to marketers that allow them to collect a variety of data at various phases of their marketing initiatives. Data can become your most useful marketing resource. With the correct knowledge, you can build repeatable, dependable marketing procedures.

Because data is only as useful as how you choose to utilize it, setting your campaigns to run automatically frees you up to concentrate on testing and optimization, which are the creative aspects of the process.


Ways to Use Data Insights for Marketing Campaigns

You will discover in this post how you, as a marketer, may use data in a unique way that appeals to people’s thoughts.

Creativity is a skill

Analytical thinking is a soft talent that comes close to creativity as one of the most crucial ones. Without the right combination of the two, the business environment of today cannot operate. Finding the exact blend is extremely difficult in marketing. Here are a few ways to incorporate innovation and creativity into your marketing strategy using data.

Show that you care

To sell to your consumers, you must be familiar with them; it demonstrates your concern for them. Knowing the customer involves developing the expertise to recognize and act on organizational hierarchies and numerous buyer groups to create effective marketing campaigns and sales for B2B businesses. 

You also need to be hands-on when dealing with your customers. This entails being accessible to them and communicating with them personally.

Given the resources available today, it is natural that not every customer would be able to have that experience. Technology has come so far that you can set up automated messages for replies that sound just as personal as if a person has taken their time to write it. 


Keep your audience on their toes 

It might be difficult to keep your audience engaged, especially if they are regular customers. The usage of promotional vouchers to encourage action is a typical occurrence.

You need to hold onto their attention. It all comes down to using innovative and distinctive methods for routine components. Think about utilizing something unique for often-used items, such as releasing information in an unfamiliar format or using QR codes instead of discount coupons.


Be a storyteller 

Even though statistics is important, tales have a stronger emotional impact on viewers than just numbers. This is why we read a book, watch a movie, binge-watch a TV show, and stay updated on real and celebrity news. 

It will establish a connection with your audience by utilizing data in such a unique way. Evoking an emotional response from your audience is the key factor.

Keep experimenting 

Another strategy for utilizing data to foster creativity and vice versa is experimentation. The findings of more tests will be more pertinent, and the effect of such discoveries will be higher. To advance, you must take chances.

Use of visuals

This plan must contain images and videos. Infographics are another way to give your content visual appeal.  You will have unique information if you undertake your own study. This notion is taken to another level using infographics. 

People recall visuals more than words. Produce videos, such as ‘how-tos,’ did you know facts, demonstrations, and so on, and make them available to your target audience.

You have access to cutting-edge data analytics as a marketer. You may utilize various free and paid tools to investigate customer marketing behavior. To optimize any marketing strategy, you must first understand your users well. The use of these technologies might significantly alter your company.

Your marketing strategy will take off immediately if you have the right creative minds on board and the pressure of doing tedious labor alleviated. No matter how talented a marketer may be, they cannot do miracles.

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient B2B data supply company to help you with your marketing strategy, FunnL is the perfect partner. Whether you’re looking for qualified meetings, creative ways to leverage your data or more high-quality leads, we can provide your organization’s needs right now.


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